Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Is it some cosmic energy
that  brings in its wake
a dithering impatience
that makes you  intolerant
and unprepared to listen
when you come to realise
the contours of the giddy limit
remember the simple way
to deal with muddles
when it comes to the crunch
leave tricky choices to others
and make them feel
just how deeply you rely on them.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Random thoughts 19032018

It is now an undeniable fact that social media has changed the way we subscribe to news and even entertainment to some extent. Along with that it has also become overwhelmingly powerful in determining what we read, view or buy. The consequences of any social phenomenon are not always good; though popular belief is based on the adage – whatever happens, always happen for the best.

The main casualty of the proliferation of social media has been the concept of NEWS itself. Remember the day of our childhood when someone explained to us that it was an acronym that stood for information that we received from all directions – North, East, West, and South. Well, life is no more such a simple observation. News has now become to be an exposition of truth. And here comes the next growing up experience – Truth is no more absolute.

We also learned in our childhood that the words like Truth, Fact are absolute and there can’t be two versions of them for a given case. But with social media expanding and encroaching our mind space, what was considered to be an oxymoron is now a given something, however moronic it may appear. Social media has ushered in an era where everyone has their own facts. That includes you, your friend, your driver, your boss, your counsellor as well as your local councillor.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wasim Jaffer

I know most people do not bother about or keep track of the Irani Trophy match anymore. And very few still remember Wasim Jaffer. For those who are feeling lost and immediately trying to change over to Google search, let me remind them that Irani trophy is (or was, as you may feel) the last match of the domestic first-class cricket season. It is held annually between the incumbent Ranji Trophy winners and the Rest of India Team. Nowadays, it is known as Irani Cup.
And Wasim Jaffer who previously played for Mumbai, India and now Vidarbha has scored 250 runs in the ongoing match, against Rest Of India team, that started yesterday. At the age of 40 !! Just to remind that in his first Irani Cup 22 years back, he had scored a Triple century that ushered his arrival. He had a mixed luck in test cricket but nevertheless scored 5 centuries including two doubles in the 31 tests that he played since his debut in 2000. In spite of a great domestic career, he could somehow never capitalise on the chances he got in test cricket and his ODI career was a big flop. But he was never thought to be fit for ODI to start with.
Jaffer has achieved few milestones of domestic cricket already in this unfinished innings. First, he completed his 18,000 runs in first-class cricket. Later he went on to complete his eighth double century in first-class cricket. He has also become the highest run scorer in Irani Cup. Currently unbeaten on 285, he is approaching his triple ton. He is already the highest run-getter in Ranji trophy and the only person who has scored 10000 runs in Ranji Trophy.
Not everybody gets the fame and acclaim that they theoretically deserve. Not all potentials are realised. Just like every Board topper does not become great scientists or doctors. Many fall behind others due to many reasons. Life is like that. But very few can persevere and carry on in the face of odds and challenges. For his commitment to cricket his tenacity and the hard work that he has put in, the motivation that he has shown to don the whites year after year in the grind of domestic cricket, Wasim Jaffer deserves huge respect and a very big applause.
I fervently hope he gets his Triple Century tomorrow to cap his long and illustrious career.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Death of Stephen Hawking

The life of Stephen Hawking was the celebration of mind over body. Perhaps the greatest mind trapped in a disabled body; that will always be how I will remember him . I have read two of his popular books - A Brief History of Time, and A briefer history of time and they only evoked awe just to comprehend. I wonder what his seminal works will be.

Hawking said: "Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation." He also said :"What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing hell for people who asked such questions?"

Such minds that live in our midst can't be replicated . His death should be seen in this context.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

#ChinaMaalAlert The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 which was launched in 2011 originally had a two-year operational lifetime. Later its lifetime was extended to 2016. In September 2016, the Chinese space agency CMSP admitted that Tiangong-1 was out of control, and predicted its re-entry in the second half of 2017.
But it seems that like most astrological prophecies and stock market predictions there are some complications in the calculation of the exact date of this event . This Chinese Maal in space runs through its lifecycle a bit more than anticipated and now the spacecraft is supposed to make its final re-entry-crash-and-burn.
Just keep your fingers crossed with the hope that this doesn’t happen over your own house . And take adequate insurance cover.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Random thoughts 07032018

#Randomthoughts  Office toilets are public spaces but some people do not think it to be so. I have overheard so many conversations of private nature in office toilets, that often I am left wondering why people are so much voluble in the office toilet.

Forget about social etiquette, that anyway is unknown to most Indians, it is downright dangerous to discuss private matters in the confines of a toilet. Because even as you are bad-mouthing your boss with your colleague or discussing the blatant cleavage show-off by that new hot chick, while taking a leak, side by side in hushed tones, somebody sitting silently behind the closed doors of the stalls behind you is listening to your whole conversation.

Then there are those guys who can't live without their mobile phones on their person. And who never bother to put their mobiles off or on mute mode while relieving themselves. From my own experience, I can say that it is disgusting to hear mobile phones ringing or people chattering inside a toilet cubicle. I have even found some people shouting at the top of their voice too, while in a state of motion, loose or otherwise.

Well, all these examples of indecencies may not be even appreciated to be so by those who commit it. But these are all experiences gathered from my visits to men's restrooms. Obviously, I have very little idea about the behavior of the female species of homo-sapiens but I gather that they are much more gossipy inside. This small gap of experience was also removed recently.

The other day I visited an office toilet where the sexes were properly segregated no doubt, but they left a small cut at the top of the partition between. And as I unzipped and started relieving myself in an empty washroom, two ladies were discussing their very private experiences in hushed voices which were clearly audible to me.

So, those who are reading this post, male or female, do yourself a favor. Switch your mobile phones off or keep it on a flight mode, if you have to carry them, in a public washroom. And keep your mouth shut for the brief period while you open your other orifices for a purely biological need.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Random thoughts 20022018

#Randomthoughts It really feels wonderful to see the Prime minister of Canada and his lovely family touring India and attired in ethnic Indian dresses to places, wherever they visit. Particularly Mrs. Trudeau should be complimented for carrying off the Sari with such ease and grace. The children also look cute as do their father (ladies are actually drooling over him) . For the first time perhaps, we have a visiting head of country spending such longish quality time with the family in our country on an official visit and wearing so much of our Desi attire.

It's a pity therefore that his visit is not being highlighted by the establishment or the media to its due importance or necessary glitz. We have seen confirmed human rights abusers, tinpot dictators, ruthless fascists, mad-hatter jokers, obnoxious idiots, immoral cheats and even feudal Kings, Queens and Regents getting much more of fanfare and publicity during their visits to this land. So there is a bit of something that definitely stinks here.

Many commentators have linked this treatment, rather snub, to the Khalistani issue and as a quid pro quo. A whisper campaign is doing the rounds to project this diplomatic one-upmanship as an assertive statement. I don't have much idea of international diplomacy, but wonder what form of civility it is to call a person to your home as a guest, then snub him and furthermore gloat over it as a great achievement. At least I am not able to see either the merit or the funny side of it.