Wednesday, 10 January 2018


As the evening changes into night , 
a very lonesome night,
fireflies hover in the dark .
I always wonder what is it
that makes them  so happy
with this darkness all around.
In this silence
of a very lonesome night ,
perhaps I wait
for something to happen ,
something strange or inexplicable.
May be some miracle.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Tacit understanding

I don’t know really why or
what made me give you a call.
And then,
in the absence of anything else to say,
we ended up discussing
how we were living and how much difficult
life has become for us to live.
These and many such other inanities
that we usually do to while away time,
more like beating around the bush.
Then suddenly both of us realise
these random dialogue was not at all necessary.
What follows is a silence, on both ends
where we both can clearly hear the sound
of our breathing across the waves
connecting our cell-phones.
Some incoherent words tend to rise,
from a deep slumber
and try to stretch themselves
after a long hibernation; but again,
they fall flat and flop
against the comfort of tacit understanding.

Friday, 29 December 2017


This reckless infatuation
that brings me
to your door everytime
even after your refusals.
This nameless relation
between you and me
which will never be
owned up by you.
Those sleep less nights
spent in thinking
about you and praying for
the morning to never come.
These senseless thoughts
I write with the hope
that you will read them
and understand.
That mindless expression
of my desire in fervent prayers
to unknown powers
will remain unanswered .

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Fifth Dimension

I slip into the fifth dimension
with the fragrance that emanates
with you in my heart.
I have left them all
and stand in your presence now,
unburdened of all that I carried,
all that I have accumulated.
I feel no sense of guilt,
I have erased the past,
I stand without a worry
in the light that you shine on me.
I now understand you better,
relate more with you ,
all that has happened to me
and everything that will now ensue
are just a journey to reach you ,
to search for you
through my maze of dreams .
I am at peace with myself now,
with you, in your precinct.
Hope swells within me
because I have now crossed
the boundaries of the make believe
and stepped into the reality of nothingness.
This exciting feeling that I savour,
this electric that passes through me
are all just manifestations
of what lies in store for me
in the sanctuary of your arms.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Nameless crossroads

At nameless crossroads ,
life throws up surprises ,
yes, it does that on and off. 
Asking tough questions
that have probably no answers
it then moves away ,
keeping me stranded
in search of my way .
I keep on the chase
in the midst of change ,
though I know this very well - 
I can't keep anything that I take,
I can't hold onto anything
for long enough.
At some nameless crossroad again,
I will be waylaid by life .
The benign smile that I trusted
to bask in the sun that smiled on me
will change into a frown
swiftly to darken my sky.
For life will catch up with me
and leave me gasping for breath
at some nameless crossroad ,
it will surely do.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Deathly silence

Not a breath of air
to rustle the leaves of the trees,
they are so quiet.
Their long shadows grow
without even a hint of quiver.
As the sun goes down
and the full moon comes up,
night with its sinister, brooding peace
engulfs everything in sight.
The beauty of this night
is in its silent veneration of death,
in this desolate jungle,
deserted even by the animals
that inhabited it.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Random thoughts 27112017

Ravichandran Ashwin creates the record to get the fastest 300 wickets in 54 Test matches. This is a great feat no doubt , more so when you consider that the record was till now held by Australian fast bowling legend Lillee who had reached the milestone in 56 Test matches way back in 1981 and it took 36 years for another bowler to eclipse the record.

Well there can be many arguments about the position of Ashwin in the hall of fame for the all time greats. Any comparison between players of the present and the past eras will  be futile. Cricket has evolved so much over the years and the rules, regulations, style and grammar of the game has changed drastically. We have to keep that in mind before embarking on any theoretical discussion. or comparison.

Denis Lillee, as we all know is a legendary fast bowler and hailed as the outstanding fast bowler of his generation. But Ashwin perhaps cannot claim the same pedestal for his generation , that too in India .Another point of debate may be the number of wickets that both had on Indian soil. For Ashwin it has been overwhelmingly too many , while for Lillee , it's only a handful.

But let us not split our hairs on the  statistics . Ashwin has been able to make the most of the chances that fate has provided him and grabbed firmly all opportunities that came his way. And he has been a consistent match-winner too. He deserves the adulation and encomiums that's being showered on him. It's his moment under the sun . Let us congratulate him. #Ashwin