Saturday, 31 March 2012

Amitava Charaborty - Death of a friend.

Till now Facebook has brought me news of births,promotions, jobs,academic excellence,engagements, marriages, anniversaries and off course birthdays of my dear friends. Today for the first time, I learnt about the death of a Facebook friend. I clarify here that I had also known him personally, may not be very closely.

Whenever we learn about the death of  a friend, relative, neighbour , ex-colleague,  or anybody known , whom we have not seen for many days , the mind does not register it immediately, Because of the loose bonds and detachment due to the vagaries of time and space, the person may not have been in the inner periphery of conscious thought to make us feel the grief or sadness that numbs us  as in the case of a the death of a very much loved person.
But then,in leisure or in free time, as the mind relates the news with the person and the events and moments spent with him/her, however small, all of a sudden, a rush of memory flows . The flashback of event plays on the mind and we realise that  so much time has passed away and life has changed such a lot for everyone of us.
Surprised why I am writing all this ?  Having all these thoughts because of  a news of death received today on Facebook from the post  @Syamal Kumar Bhanjachoudhury. My old colleague Mr Amitava Chakraborty passed away at Siliguri. He had retired from SBI a year back . My interaction with him was during the period I was posted in North Bengal and mainly at SBI Siliguri Branch. He was a very active member and an office bearer of the SBI Officers' Association and my activities brought me in contact with him often, sometimes aligned and some other times against. We were not chums or great friends.  But enjoyed a good relationship and shared cigarettes  and tea sometimes over discussions . That's it.
Recently we got in touch with each other and became friends on Facebook. He was not very regular here but still we were in touch .So it is with a sense of sadness mixed with remembrance that I bid him audieu with prayers for his soul to rest in peace and strength to the bereaved family members. His death saddens me  no doubt but has also brought me face to face with some questions.

Had Bhanja-da not broken the news, I would have never known it. Amitava da would remain a part of my distant past without me spending much thought on him . And I may or may not learn about his death ever. He would always be alive for me. So the utility of Facebook or Social networking is proved once again. There is nothing like keeping in touch with people who are or were a part of of our lives, for however small period it may be. And it spreads the message, good or bad. Or is it a distraction that binds us with silly sentiments?
So what happens to his Facebook wall now?  Will it remain like that for eternity. I have posted a message there for his departed soul, however foolish it might seem . That's because I did not want any person unaware about his death posting a birthday message or a joke on his wall by ignorance.
What will happen to me if and when I die suddenly  ? My facebook page and status will still be current? I think I will give my facebook password to my son to post my obituary and then deactivate the pages later in case of my death. 
And my friends , lastly, if ever you get the news of my death on Facebook and don't know what to do with the news,just remember me once and then release my memory with a smile.

Believe me - I will Like it !

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Slipping into oblivion with myself,
with the robe of anonymity covering
all those sins sticking to me like leeches.
How different does it feel to sink deep
into the unknown territory down below.
No reason to try and stay afloat anymore
the surface is no more the same.
The weeds that try to bind me with their
tentacles creeping up from beneath
will keep me safe from the prying eyes.
I will find my sanctuary there.
The urge to live overground has vanished
long ago as the cold touch seeped in
through the pores of my heart.
I have started liking this dark abode now
without the hint of light , so much black.
Those of you who may have tried hard
to offer a lifeline and let me redeem,
thank you for all your misplaced trust
My road to perdition remained unwalked,
I chose to be with the shadows.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer

Whew ..................... Finished a full book at one go after many,many,many days. Thanks to the long weekend and undisturbed bliss at home without any chores or appointments, shopping etc.

Jeffrey Archer is as always a consummate story teller. The suspense of his stories are well guarded till the climax and builds up all along the story progresses . Before one realises what has happened, the twists and turns of the narrative takes the reader deep into the story and keeps him/her hooked to the thrill till the climax unfolds itself .

His new novel ,The Sins of the Father also follows the same style of a gripping tale taken along through the separate stories of the main characters, all interwoven into a plausible tale of courage, valour, and above all love in the backdrop of the second world war. True to his forte and knowledge of the inner secrets of prison life, English aristrocracy as well as the legal points, mainly constitutional law this, story is very well woven around the British and US society around the tumultous years between 1939-45. The hallmark of Archer, the integration of historical facts and the references to historical figures are there in the most clever manner . What he creates will neverbe a classic or will have great literary value but as a thrilling popular literature with the use of impeccable and very effective english words to enthrall the readers. They reflect the British life of the last century and the rapid change in it as much as Arthur Conan Doyle or Charles Dickens captured the previous one.

But , I have always been a Jeffrey Archer fan. I have read all his books published till date and will remain an ardent devotee of his style. Because of the simple fact that I myself aspire to write a book some day, i can't help wondering at the ease with which he creates the plots and integrate them in simple day to day situations, with the historical context always in mind.

So is it all a eulogy for my fav author? No. To put the review of the novel in the proper context, let me point out to some of the negatives of the book as I noticed

  1. The last 50 to 60 pages of the novel was not necessary though it is connected to the most important point of the main story .
  2. It looks like the last chapter is an after thought to give Archer vent to his knowledge of Constitution and Parliament. Remember, he was a member of the Parliament himself. By itself it throws a pertinent question and is eminently readable. But as a stand alone story.
  3. The tempo of the first few chapters seem to flag as the climax builds up and there is a tendency to take the reader for granted at some places of the penultimate chapter.
  4. The narrative is in spurts in the last chapter as it tries to encompass a lot of activities by different characters and happenings all around. This does not gel with the elaborate story telling and build up of the characters and situations earlier.
  5. The last sentence of the book really pissed me off. I did not expect such betrayl from my favourite author. Agreed, he has this knack of surprising everybody at the end with the twist in the tail . But why this neo realism at the end as the whole story itself is a yarn.


Friday, 23 March 2012

There comes a time in life always,
when there is no more need for it ,anyway.
Still the burden of tired routine are carried;
formalities, with a touch of resigned exhaustion.
The days move along covered with the grime,
almost like the turgid gutter . No wonder !
People are disinterested with all this.
They have their own methods to bypass
all these small irritants sticking out
like sore thumbs in their daily routine
of eating , sleeping and copulation.
Covering their nostrils with the perfume
sprayed on their clean and crisp handkerchief;
they cross the road beside the morgue.
The decomposed cadaver lies there,
alone in the cold,with its own putrid smell.
Nobody needs it anymore.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good Morning to eveone . A happy Ugadi and Gudipadwa to my friends who celebrate the new beginings .

No office today . Its a holiday followed by two weekly off days.That makes it a really long weekend to sleep,rest, write, read,hear, see, pray,love, fight, cook,wash ,remember,feel sad,drink and laze around.Whew, that's a lot to do. Don't you think so?

Yesterday, I had returned home quite late, thanks to a late meeting (in all senses) in office. Slept well into the morning and now feeling a bit groggy without the morning workout and no time schedules pressing me hard. The weekend is upon me and beckons me to indulge into myself. Some thoughts takiing shape. Let's see how they pan out. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Waiting in the twilight with the gathering darkness ,
I have often thought of you and listened,
to the screaming silence all around me.
As all boundaries fade into the shadows ,
I grope with the bleak reasons of existence.
Why should I stay back then?
If you had to go then why,
Why did I have to walk the moonlit path ?
To seek refuge from the surge of the flood within,
trying to save my entire belongings
that were once your gifts to me
of those moments of madness;
How do I reconcile then, all those which I lost
to the ravages of the unrelenting time.
What passes through the gates beyond the horizon
will never come back again
even if the spring repeats itself
and season flowers bloom in gardens.

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To you,it may not matter.
Only I know what I have to suffer.
But then,how can I complain,
you don't care for what I explain.
Seems this situation is here to stay,
for I find it impossible now to walk away.


Some moments bring us together,
some moments tear us apart,
some moments change us forever,
some moments stay etched in heart.


I was very late,
still gave it a try.
Could just make it
to say good bye. 

Don't know which hurts me more,to miss you or to want you.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Manohar Aich is 99

People from other states may not know much about him but he has been an icon of the Bengalis since many years. Nowadays, when young boys go for six or eight packs etc and steroid induced bodies are the order of the day, Mr Manohar Aich deserves praise for not only his body building feats but also living an active life which has completed 99 years. Wish him a very happy birthday and pray he completes the century and continue beyond. My homage to him.

A brief introduction of Mr. Manohar Aich from wikipedia is given below:

Manohar Aich (born 17 March 1913) is an Indian bodybuilder. He was born in Comilla District (now in Bangladesh), in a remote village named Dhamti. He won the 1952 Mr. Universe - Group III championship. He is also a three-time Asian Games gold medalist in body building. Being only 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 m) tall, he was given the name "Pocket Hercules". His chest measured 54 inches (140 cm) with a waist of 23 inches (58 cm) giving him the best v-cut. He currently lives in Kolkata.

From childhood he was interested in strength related sports, such as wrestling, weight-lifting, etc. Among other popular games, like the rest of the world, he is highly interested in football.

At the age of 12, due to a sudden attack of black-fever, his health broke down. However he regain his strength by physical fitness exercises. He started bodybuilding exercises such as push-ups (earlier known as dips), pull-ups (known as chinning), squats, crunches (sit-ups). Exercising with clubs was a very popular form at that time. Even Manohar used to do the same. He used to do only free-hand exercises with thousands of repetitions in every set.

Manohar was first introduced to weight-training when he joined the Indian Air Force (then known as Royal Air Force) during 1943. But by that time he had built his structure by the dint of hard work and thousands of repetitions of freehand exercises. Due to his enviable physique, he was highly praised by the then British officials in the Royal Air Force.

In 1950, at the age of 37, Manohar won the Mr. Hercules contest. In 1951, he stood second in the Mr. Universe contest. In 1952, he won the Mr. Universe title. He also won the World Championship of Spring Pulling by tearing a spring of 275 pounds tension. In 1955, he stood third in the Mr. Universe contest. In 1960, he stood fourth in the Mr. Universe contest at the age of 47 years.

Few of his tricks involved squats with 300 kilograms (660 lb), demonstrating muscle control, tear books of 1500 pages at a time. There was no magic involved in these shows. He has toured all over the world for bodybuilding shows, and has been widely acclaimed for his strength and muscle control for a very long time.

Aich continues to train for 90 minutes at his own gym Studio de Physique in Kolkata which has produced Indian champs like Satyen Das, Satya Pal and Hitesh Chatterjee. Aich's diet: rice (along with the starch), pulses (dal), vegetables, fruits, mainly mango, banana, jackfruit, guava. Among non-veg items, he likes to have fresh-water fish. He is blessed with 2 sons and 2 daughters. One of his sons manages the akhara and the other son manages the more conventional fitness center and disease-cure-centre at the same location.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The 100th ton and beyond

The India- Bangladesh ODI match today emphasised the glorious nature of Cricket and the romance of the game.While Sachin Tendulkar completed his 100th International century, the Bangladesh team also achieved a memorable win over India. It only established the supremacy of the game over individual glory.

Cricket gives ample scope to an individual to attain individual glory and greatness but at the endof the day, it remains a team game. One person can turn the fortunes of a game no doubt but he needs the support of his ten other teammates to emerge a winner .

The fantastic win by Bangladesh does not take away a bit of the greatness from Sachin. He has been one of the greatest players the game has known and will always have his place in the history of the game. There should not be any jingoistic breast beating over the Bangladesh win because it was not a capitulation by India as was seen at Australia a few days back. Bangladeshi players really played well and deserved the victory. We may discuss the failings of the Indian strategy or the ineffectiveness of the bowlers to contain the opposition but please, don't take away the credit from the Bangladeshi boys who fought very well . Remember they also had a close match previously against Pakistan too.

I find that there is a relief among Indians with the coveted milestone reached by Sachin as also the growing expectations of people wanting him to retire. I personally feel that the decision of retirement should be left to him but he must also read the writing on the wall. There comes a time in every great career when the end looms ahead and the signs are unmistakeable. Lingering unnecesarily with hopes to prolong the inevitable only causes problem. When you have to go, let go. The stage is now set for Sachin to ride into the sunset after a long and glorious career. After all these years of providing entertainment to millions of his fans , he deserves a fitting farewell.

Congratulations to him on his achievements which we all will cherish with fond memories.

And yes, take a bow Bangladesh team. Congratulations, you have arrived. Thank you for providing us with a very interesting and thrilling match. Once again, Cricket is all about the romance, the uncertainty and the rise of the underdog .

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My prayer

What do I ask from you, this morning?
Fill me with your light.
Remove the cobwebs from my vision,
help me with insight.
What I do and how I do,
what its all about?
When I face the world today,
let there be no doubt.
And later when the day is over,
make me kneel and pray.
That I am able to rise again,
and begin another day.

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Arunangshu Paul
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Beware the ides of March,
that's what people say.
Never knew what's the meaning,
before you smiled today.


As I delve inside me the more do I find,
deep are the roots and strong is the bind.
As much I try to get away,they hold me back,
I remain in their firm grip as life changes track.


Time just flies on its wings,
leaving behind so many things.
I have gathered a few of them,
They have no address or a name.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Today's hero – Laxmi Ratan Shukla

Why do Cricket continue to fascinate us ? Inspite of the crass commercialisation and the overkill by the media and the greedy Boards. What still make us believe in the greatness of the game inspite of the scams and match fixing scandals ?

Its the glorious uncertainty of the game and the romance of the unknown where heroes emerge from the depths of desperation and neglect, solely by their talent and determination. Its the story of life which is replicated on the fields . Its not only about the superstars and their exploits. Its not only the records being made and broken. Its not about winning and losing. It is the story of talents going astray, its the sad tale of potentials not realised, its about the neglect of talented players, its about chances not given to the deserving, its about players rising above themselves to answer all the injustice against them.

Laxmi Ratan Shukla never got a proper look by the selectors and lacked the backing of his own state association throughout his career. He was identified as a potential allrounder very early in life but the lack of grooming and focus made him fade out of reckoning from the national side.Off and on his name cropped up during the last decade but more often than not it was as an example of a talent which got wasted, more on the lines of Vinod Kambli ,Sadanand Vishwanath, L Sivaramakrishnan or Narendra Hirwani. In spite of everything he did, he was fated to be in the shadows, on the sideline , aperipheral player.

But today , it was his day. He singlehandedly turned the final of Vijay Hazare trophy into an affirmation of his talent and left his indelible mark in the most authoratative manner. His 106 runs in 90 balls and 4 wickets to humble the mighty Mumbai team provided one of the greatest moments in the history of Bengal cricket team in the recent years .No words of praise is enough to congratulate him , his team and and above all his captain , Sourav Ganguly who his still continues with his Dadagiri as a captain. Both of them had a point to prove and how emphatically they have done it !

Laxmi or Lokkhi as his name is pronounced in Bengali still has enough cricket in him to get a recall in the team . He would surely not be much worse than Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan or Ravinder Jadeja in the. I know many would be thinking that I am carrying things too far. But just compare Laxmi's career record with these fellows and you will see my point in that statement.

I have my best wishes for Laxmi and hope he continues to use the bat and ball on the field to answer all the injustice meted out to him , real or imaginary. Give it back to them, mate, Give it back to them with all you have. Your story today is the story of all underdogs . Its about rising to the call of your own self and showing the world what you are capable of. Maybe you have not got your dues from the world but leave your stamp on the scene before fading away. Let us live once and life will take care of the rest.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Original Agent Vinod

While watching the promos of Saif Ali Khan's forthcoming movie “Agent Vinod” lazily on a Sunday evening as I was flipping through the TV channels suddenly it all came rushing to me and I recalled the face of Mahendra Sandhu .

Yes, my dear friends he is the original “Agent Vinod”. When a movie was again made with the title as “Don” , it was a remake and involved two super stars. So a lot of comparisons were made and there was quite a debate between the old timers (people like me) and the new gen on the two movies. But this movie “Agent Vinod” has not sparked any such comparisons probably because Mahendra Sandhu was not such a star then like Saif is now. And people have just erased him from their memory.

Agent Vinod” was the highest point of the otherwise lacklustre career of Mahendra Sandhu and was released in 1977. It was modelled on the James Bond 007 series of movies , by then already given a firm footing by the legendary Sean Connery. Roger Moore had just taken over. Mahendra Sandhu was selected in the role of the secret agent in this movie. He had the tall rugged Punjabi Jat looks and generally followed Dharmendra as his role model . I have some vague memories of his stunts and actions in that movie . But one thing I still remember. The heroine of the film , the voluptous Asha Sachdev ( OMG !!!) .

Google search will tell you that Mahendra Sandhu acted in about 20 movies before fading away. He later directed a movie named Kisme kitnaa hai dum . I think I spotted him in some TV serial long back. Don't know what he does now or how he is . But suddenly, remembering him took me 35 years back. He had his moments of showbiz sparkle .

But I am amazed at one coincidental parallel between the two “Agent Vinod”s . 35 years back it was a stupid movie with stupid songs and stupid actions and plots copied from Hollywood . What I see from the promos , I think this time too it will be a dumb movie with unnecessary songs, mujras,item numbers and action sequences. I have not yet decided whether I will watch it or not. I have a simple logic . However hard Bollywood tries, it can never match Hollywood in Action or special effects. So it should concentrate on making movies with good storyline and emotional quotient.

But anyway, best of luck to Saif. And yes, he really needs every bit of it as the promos reveal and particularly after the fiasco called “Kurbaan” he made last with his lady love Kareena.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

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Once you join, you'll be able to connect with the Just Arunangshu Page, along with people you care about and other things that interest you.

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Kahaani is a superb movie.

Kahaani is a superbly made movie and Vidya Balan does not need a hero to make people watch her movies.

After many days, saw a really good thriller. And that too without Songs,Sex,item number, heroes with six pack abs,synchronised fight sequence,mindless violence or high voltage stunt scenes. Based on a simple story with twists at the correct places, tight script, beautiful acting, talking photography, the City of Joy as the backdrop and above all wonderful editing, Director Sujoy Ghosh has been able to deliver a commendable piece of work in which the main protagonist remains a pregnant woman in an advanced stage throughout the movie (almost).

Kahaani is a modern cinema in all aspects and a director's movie , out and out. The story has been set and blended with the milieu of Kolkata with all its aspects. Right from the chaos as you step out from the airport , through the underground metro, to the traffic jams, ending with the throbbing crowd at the Durga Puja immersion,it captures Kolkata ,in its true colours,lifelike and in an awesome manner. From Park Street to the dingy byelanes and dillapidated buildings of North Kolkata and the street crowds of the busy markets, the camera shows them all. Perhaps very few Bengali films have blended the city with the subject of the movie this way,earlier. The true nature of the people there , in general, slightly abrasive on the outer side but soft and helpful within has been very nicely portrayed through the characters, be it the taxi driver, police,tea vendor or the informer. Those who stayed in Kolkata earlier, whether Bengali or not will feel a lump in their throat and miss the city once at least , after watching the movie.

Coming to the acting part, apart from Vidya Balan, all the other members of the cast are not so well known to the national audience though they are all very much known to the Bengali speaking audience of TV and films. Of them Param has proved that he is a actor to watch for . He fits very nicely in the role of a Kolkata police Sub inspector again after Baaishe Shraabon. But Nawazuddin Siddiqui really steals the scenes with his acting as the IB officer. And Vidya , she needs no accolades by now. The first line of this post is a tribute to her. Personally , I have now replaced Julia Roberts by Vidya at the second place in the list of my favorite actresses, just a notch below Smita Patil at the top.

The importance of Azam Khan

As Akhilesh Yadav is being annointed as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a very interesting development is playing itself in the background. Hidden in the euphoria and hype surrounding the ascension of the new CM , the choice of the Azam Khan as the new Speaker is equally important and deserves a close study to unravel the layers of intricate details of Indian politics.

This was perhaps, the most important and correct decision that Mulayam Singh Yadav has taken in his political career. Unlike Karunannidhi or Badal, he has not tried to keep the reins of the state in his own hand till eternity. Wily politician that he is, the mood of the people has been very well gauged by him . But the backstage machinations and the compromises he has had to make within his party in spite of the huge mandate has been also been large.

To ensure victory, Mulayam had allowed a free hand to his son Akhilesh to formulate strategy for the elections. But at another level, he went back to his old votebank of the Muslim community and here, Azam Khan was the person whom he had to rely upon to deliver him the precious votes from this segment. SP was off course helped by the inept handling of the Muslim aspirations by a ridiculous Congress bid with people like Salman Khurshid and Beniprasad Varma convincing the Muslims about their perception of Congress as a party that can not be trusted to fulfill its election promises.

The victory of SP is not only for Mulayam or Akhilesh as is being projected by the coffee table analysts and city bred TV anchors . It is also all about the consolidation of Muslim votebank in UP alongwith other segments. After their brief fllirting with the BSP and Congress , the Muslims in UP have understoood the hollowness of the two parties. The Congress cannot and will never be able and BSP will always have the interest of the Dalits foremost. So SP was the natural choice for en-block voting by the Muslims as BJP became haaraam to them once Uma Bharati arrived on the scene.

Azam Khan now emerges from the shadows to become a force to reckon with in Indian politics. Whether you like him or not, whether you think him to be representing a retrograde political philosophy or not. That's not the question. The fact remains that he now holds a considerable degree of power to influence the decisions of Mulayam , who himself should be one of the movers and shakers of Delhi politics provided his health permits.

The UPA government is beseiged with numerous problems, The P.M. looks like a clueless joker waiting for the prompting from the wings. The prompter herself does not look interested as she is fighting serious health problems. The prince has not been able to prove himself. The local satraps are slowly and surely raising their ante. The only thing which is propping up the UPA government is ironically an even more idiotic and clumsy BJP which looks like a misguided tramp in search of El-Dorado. This is the time when the vaccum will play out its own game and very interesting permutations and combinations will start taking shape. We are approaching another threshold of Indian politics which will prove as much a game changer like the Emergency or Mandal commission.

And also watch out for Azam Khan. His fate has smiled on him and his destiny has brought him upto this point after many ups and downs. He will go far. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Akhilesh Yadav on 06/03/2012

Mulayam Singh Yadav must be a happy man today. And why not ? He ought to be happy. Nothing gives more pleasure in life than seeing your son succeed. And what a success it has been ! From being taken as a possible unwanted junior ally to Congress ,in case of a fractured mandate to a position of unquestioned dominance of SP with a clean majority; that's what sums up the achievement of Akhilesh Yadav.

Make no mistake. This was not an emotional gift by the people of UP to the old and ailing ex pahalwan Netaji. It was a mandate for change and hope. The people of UP wanted the untested, rejecting a pool of known devils. Neither the drama queen Uma Bharati nor the self seeking Mayavati . They rejected them both. The false and unsure Congress was given the short shrift by the electorate.

And yes,they also negated the style of politics which has marked over five decades of his father's political career. It is a vote for change. In every sense. The people wanted a relief from the vicious caste and religion based politics. They wanted development. And they wanted to be sure that the person who rules them for the next five years get a free hand. Akhilesh Yadav is the chief architect of this victory, whatever be the legacy of Mulayam may be.

I am not by any means a supporter of SP or Akhilesh. I am not hopeful that they will be able to give a corrution free and criminal free government. The cynic in me raises its head and wants to take this mandate with a pinch of salt and nothing more than an item of passing amusement in my silly and busy life in the biggest metro. But the eternal optimist in me wants to savour this victory of this young man, even if he is raised and nurtured in the cradle of the worst form of casteist and degenerate form of politics in the badlands of the India's most populous state. Even though he perpetuates the dynastic rule , he has given us an option, a choice from the overhyped ,uncertain leader of the future projected by the Congress party.

It is very easy to treat politics as an entertainment on the idiot box from the cosy sofa set in the sheltered existence of our lives and talk about the politicians with disdain without trying to know the vast and varied geography, history, society or the economics of our country which is multi dimensional and so large that we lose track of the enormity and overwhelming effect it has on our daily lives. But there are days, hours, moments in the history of a nation when time stops, looks back and changes course. Some sixth sense within me says this may be such a day which will be looked back on after two decades.

Very soon Akhilesh will spend the balance of huge goodwill generated for him and as he negotiates the quagmire of the Indian politics and governance of a state like UP , he will start making compromises, mistakes, misjudgements and retrograde actions. He should try hard to learn the ropes of governance and statesmanship as fast as he can. Here, I would like to give him some unwanted advice. He should eschew any thoughts of emulating his father, how much respect he has for him or whatever pressures are brought on him . Rather , he should look around and try to imbibe some qualities of three Chief ministers who should be his role models :

Like Narendra Modi he should concentrate on development as a non negotiable item and use it as a tool to bring in more opportunities for the most neglected, instead of resorting to caste and religion as crutches.

Like Nitish Kumar he should try to rise above the confines of a caste leader and become acceptable to all sections of the society and try to give the public relief from crime and the fear of getting kidnapped,raped,killed or looted whether they are in their house or on the streets.

Last but not the least like Navin Pattanaik, the cold , calculating , suave and silent style of decimating opposition, first within his party and then his rivals to establish unquestioned control over without appearing to dirty his hands in the hustle and bustle of power.

Friday, 2 March 2012

The search for my bearings remained so elusive to me, while the
ravaging flood swamped me entirely .The overpowering force just swept
me away far and further with the tide,till I was left holding with
nothing but the water in my fisted hands.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

If tomorrow comes

Can I count on you,
If tomorrow comes?
Will it be the same with us,
when tomorrow comes?
Will the burden be too much;
the debris of broken dreams,
and unfulfilled expectations,
when tomorrow comes?
Will the blood still throb,
in our veins with this crazy beat,
if tomorrow comes?
Will someone still hold me back,
from the edge of the precipice,
when tomorrow comes.?
Does the story of the day
really end with the homing birds,
in the falling dusk and the setting sun.
if that be is the fate of life then why ,
Oh why tomorrow comes?