Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Original Agent Vinod

While watching the promos of Saif Ali Khan's forthcoming movie “Agent Vinod” lazily on a Sunday evening as I was flipping through the TV channels suddenly it all came rushing to me and I recalled the face of Mahendra Sandhu .

Yes, my dear friends he is the original “Agent Vinod”. When a movie was again made with the title as “Don” , it was a remake and involved two super stars. So a lot of comparisons were made and there was quite a debate between the old timers (people like me) and the new gen on the two movies. But this movie “Agent Vinod” has not sparked any such comparisons probably because Mahendra Sandhu was not such a star then like Saif is now. And people have just erased him from their memory.

Agent Vinod” was the highest point of the otherwise lacklustre career of Mahendra Sandhu and was released in 1977. It was modelled on the James Bond 007 series of movies , by then already given a firm footing by the legendary Sean Connery. Roger Moore had just taken over. Mahendra Sandhu was selected in the role of the secret agent in this movie. He had the tall rugged Punjabi Jat looks and generally followed Dharmendra as his role model . I have some vague memories of his stunts and actions in that movie . But one thing I still remember. The heroine of the film , the voluptous Asha Sachdev ( OMG !!!) .

Google search will tell you that Mahendra Sandhu acted in about 20 movies before fading away. He later directed a movie named Kisme kitnaa hai dum . I think I spotted him in some TV serial long back. Don't know what he does now or how he is . But suddenly, remembering him took me 35 years back. He had his moments of showbiz sparkle .

But I am amazed at one coincidental parallel between the two “Agent Vinod”s . 35 years back it was a stupid movie with stupid songs and stupid actions and plots copied from Hollywood . What I see from the promos , I think this time too it will be a dumb movie with unnecessary songs, mujras,item numbers and action sequences. I have not yet decided whether I will watch it or not. I have a simple logic . However hard Bollywood tries, it can never match Hollywood in Action or special effects. So it should concentrate on making movies with good storyline and emotional quotient.

But anyway, best of luck to Saif. And yes, he really needs every bit of it as the promos reveal and particularly after the fiasco called “Kurbaan” he made last with his lady love Kareena.

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