Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Before I can reach you

Is it my obsession
that makes me try
to reach you with every breath of mine,
in a last minute attempt to stay afloat.
Still somehow , I sink deep and deeper.
Before I can reach you.
I kneel down in my prayer to worship you
for my salvation.
Without you these wretched blues for me.
this emptyness of abundance.
Deliverance , only you can give it .
Hold my hands , for that little while
make me feel that solace ,
I keep on searching for
through out this tiring journey.
Before I can reach you.
My eyes, burdened with sleepless nights
seek you everywhere .
Keeping vigil with me are the stars
they know how long it has been;
this voyage of mine across the seas.
I have trekked the deserts and hills
all in my obsession .
Before I can reach you.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

I walk , I still walk with the wind
blowing across my face
I dream , I still manage to dream
with wide open eyes
Some stolen moments with clouds
flitting across the sky
The lush green carpet that beckons
with an inviting smile
From between the leaves of tall trees ,
the sunlight winks at me
Now I'm sure that this trail
will lead me to my destination
Somewhere around the bend
there will be the small white cottage
and you will be standing at the gates
waiting for me in a bright blue dress.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Don't try to find a reason for everything
for nothing is like what it seems to be.
Even the colours of rainbow
are not its own .
Mingled in the final embrace
in a desperate attempt to find consolation.
The make believe world of shadows
that obscure the splendid ruins.
All of these and more
are tales of some bygone times.
So is it with the capricious notion of love
in a moment of indulgent fancy.
Reaching you across the schism of time
was somehow not possible for me .
There is no place that I had with me
to cage those birds of many hues. .
So I have set them free
in the midst of the desolate wilderness.
Never looking back to see
how they cross the gulf of aimless desire.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Listen carefully to  the rustle of falling leaves,
doesn't it remind you of some landslide
along the banks of a flooding river.
Silently and steadily, something breaking away,
without even a chance to make it stay.
This way the world changes around us.
We never realise how much.
Somewhere inside, the trickle of blood,
seeps through unnoticed, until its too late.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Remembrance of things past keep haunting me.
They just don't allow me to stop yearning for you.
This lonely heart flutters and cries within,
how do I calm it through this lovely night.
For wrecking me so often in my thoughts,
how do I return your favour ?
What do I call you , how to spell your name ,
my precious darling or just my love.
whatever I do in my life again .
The name that is carved on my heart
how do I show it to this whole world .

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sleepless night

On this sleepless night ,
cover my eyes with dreams.
I will wait for the dawn to break,
with its myriad glow of light.
Collect them in my outstretched palms
and then, share them with the sky
with the flight of a humming bird
into the horizon,
into the wild blue yonder.
Let it be my flight of fantasy
let it make me happy
even if it's for this sleepless night .
I will settle for the unreal , for a change,
I will wait for the dawn to break.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Something has changed

Something has changed with my life
something new has happened to me
after I met you on that fateful day.
What have I lost , or did I gain ;
amidst all my scrambled thoughts
I stand and feel your presence
here , there and everywhere.
Bright as the sunshine
and soft as the young leaves,
on which it shines so brilliantly.
In the cascading waterfall
I find your wanton smile .
My days have changed and my nights too
the sky also looks so different to me.
the stars wink at my muddled state
as I find the moon reflects you.
The books those I read smell of you,
every page has your name written on them.
Something has surely changed
after you walked into my life.