Sunday, 29 September 2013

Those times spent in loving you

Those times spent in loving you
the bygone days now forgotten
How keen I was in my passion
to bind you in my arms.
Then how easily we reached
the point of no return .
I let you walk away because
I read somewhere and believed
that love demands sacrifice .
Read it somewhere in a tale.
never thought it had to happen with me
in this vast world , no one else.
I spend now my days with the world
laughing, crying and breathing
like a most normal human being.
Then as I wait into the deepness
of the silent dark nights,
waiting for oblivion in slumber;
I look up the sky and count the stars.
As memories rewind in my dreams
playing hide and seek.
Then even as they break
suddenly in the dead of the night,
leaving me with  a deadly thirst .
I find you , walking away from me.
I try hard to mumble goodbye
but find my throat has gone so dry.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I love you because I have to
what else could I have done ?
And once I have loved you
why shouldn't I say that to you ?
Let the whole world know it
now or never , that I love you.
Without you, life won't be same
so I can only keep on loving you.
All my prayers will  be answered
on the day you say - I love you.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sushmita Banerjee

Sushmita Banerjee was a brave woman. Many may not know her. She wrote the novel 'Kabuliwalaar Bangali Bou' in Bengali which narrated her story of marrying an Afghan national and life in#Afghanistan. She chose to remain in Afghanistan with her husband.

I have read her book. It was not a great piece of literature but a detailed account of life and travails under #Taliban rule. It surely has documentary and historical value. People like her remain as small footnotes to history but enrich our lives by letting us have a peek into history. I think this book 2ad translated in English as "Escape from Taliban." But ultimately she could not escape.

Reports say she was killed by the Taliban today. Pray for her departed soul.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Do your lips still tremble
in eager anticipation.
When you pin a flower
in the braids of your hair.
Or when you stand alone
in front of the mirror
and check out yourself.
Do you miss me behind
waiting to give you the hug .
Time takes away all of it,
the stolen moments of love.
Try hard as much we can
what we lose never comes back.