Monday, 18 July 2016

Those who .....

Those who ask for an explanation
of my unhappiness ,
may need  to know
a different language altogether.
Those who want to decipher
the meaning of my silence
will have to realise
the fury of a thunderstorm within .
They who always blame me
for not living up to their standards
can save their snide remarks
after I turn my back .
Those who live happily now and plan
to live so hereafter
can live in their paradise of folly
only to remember some day
that I had warned about the fire .

Friday, 15 July 2016

Before oblivion

Give me the feeling of being blessed
by the kiss of life
that makes a corpse come back to life .
I am in the throes of my final death ,
maybe a few more days of sunshine
to share with , on my  green lawns .
When I close my eyes
and then open them again ,
I find the scenes hazy ,
blurred  by the moisture on my own eyes.
Are those the footprints of God ,
or some crazy poet
who walked by this door
with the song of creation on his lips
sung with such abandon.
What I see is just a mirage ,
 even though I am surrounded by the greens .
It doesn’t take a desert to bring out
the vast territory of blankness ; we carry , within .
Before oblivion , the flowers bloom ,
all over , in vivid colours 
for the single last time. 

Monday, 11 July 2016


Like different sorts of people
who make up this world ,
there are different types of clouds too
on the sky , each so different
from one another.
Did you ever know
how clouds change their shapes
from one into another
with the help of wind and the sun.
Just when you think of them
to be loving and fluffy ,
they can darken and pour water
on all your plans suddenly .
And in spite of all their freedom
to roam around the corners
of the horizon at their will ,
bound by the curse of gravitation
they have to fall upon the earth
So wait , before you really think
of flying away with them .

Friday, 1 July 2016

Rite of life

Hidden in the soil 
are those  bones and ashes
of forgotten progenitors
trapping with them
the seeds of future greens.
High above , clouds shudder
in their thunderous coitus
to douse the fire
of those indeterminate expectations .
The rite of life takes precedence
on these rain soaked plains
every blade of grass
every tiny plant that sprouts
with the eagerness of a debutante
on the verge of a great opportunity
makes the older trees
shake their heads in  wonder .
The grey veil of rain lifts up
over the horizon and suddenly
they all smile in the soft sunlight .