Sunday, 26 June 2011

Storm overnight

There must have been a storm overnight.
Traces of its madness can be seen on the street.
This tree has suffered the most.
One of its branches severed by the gale.
All around leaves and flowers are strewn,
depicting a scene of massacre.
But the trees,leaves and the grass look so green and lively now.
The birds are also chirping,
soaking the soft sun rays warming their wet feathers.
Walking in to the cool breeze blowing now,
It's difficult to fathom the reality
which was faced by the trees and the birds
last night,
when the storm struck.
As we remained fast asleep in our homes,
cocooned in our safe air conditioned existence.

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Arunangshu Paul
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My days pass

My days pass,with a lingering gait

slowly etching their presence ,

in some unknown doodle.

Softly, oh so softly ,touching

the inner recesses of my existence

where I have hid the treasured pleasures

of life, away from the prying eyes.

Like a sly thief glancing around

for an opportunity.

Then with an amused smile ,

they vanish into oblivion.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Weight of responsibility

People expect me to be more responsible and worldly,

every time I step out to greet the world in my travels.

But I prefer to wander aimlessly and explore my dreams

which are not what others would care about..

The problem is , so many people look up to me,

with varied ideas on how I should live my life.

Knowing fully well that they are all my well wishers

I feel guilty inside to let them down with my selfish whims.

So instead of worrying about what can go wrong,

why not concentrate on doing things in my own lazy way.

Details of the journey are no more pertinent now,

as I have decided to walk straight away into my next destination.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lunar eclipse on 15th June 2011

The darkest total lunar eclipse of this century, which will be visible throughout India, will occur June 15. On the night of June 15, the sun, earth and moon will come in a straight line and the earth's shadow will eclipse the full moon passing through it. As the moon slips into the earth's "umbra" (dark shadow), it will slowly assume a coppery red colour, making it a not to be missed spectacle.

The lunar eclipse will start at 23:53 p.m. and end at 03:32 a.m. on June 16, and will be visible all over India, the Middle East, southern Europe and northern Africa.This will be the darkest lunar eclipse over the Indian skies this century. The previous darkest lunar eclipse took place four decades back, on Aug 6, 1971 and the next one would be 47 years from now on, on June 6, 2058. The year's second and final lunar eclipse will occur Dec 10, but it will be visible only in Eurasia, Australia and north-western parts of North America.

Earlier this year, two solar eclipses have also occurred but they were not visible in India.The third solar eclipse will be another partial solar eclipse on July 1. This too will not be visible from India.