Monday, 14 October 2013

Egyptian Delight

#Mishawr Rahasya 

Mishawr Rahasya was an eagerly awaited movie to me for many reasons . Firstly it was a Bengali movie shot in Egypt . Secondly it was based on Sunil Gangopadhyay's Kakababu character. Thirdly #Prosenjit plays the role of Kakababu. Fourthly #Srijit Mukherjee is the director and I have liked his direction in the previous movies. So it was with that eager anticipation of a teenager that I reached the theatre, along with my better half.

The movie has many positives to its credit and has been mounted on a big canvas of Egypt , more particularly the Saharan desert. It has awesome visuals by Indian standards be it Bollywood or Tollywood and the camerawork has captured the moods of the sand dunes perfectly. Prosenjit has put up a very commendable performance as Kakababu, the intrepid adventurer who inspite of his physical disability , is always ready to face the challenges of varied nature along with his nephew Shontu.

The international feel of the movie will make the big budget Bollywood directors envious.Sometomes you may feel like watching a Hollywood thriller. Srijit has really created a very dynamic movie. Barring a few places where he has gone overboard with his experiments with jerky camera work and editing by montages, the end product is a movie which holds you onto the story with the suspense but never has a boring moment. The story itself is simple advrnture but the treatment by Srijit has turned the narrative into a wonderful thriller.

The storyline has been slightly modified and the characters made more uptodate with the times .The recent events in Egypt has been blended very well into the narrative. Shontu even has his girlfriend tagging along with him on the journey to decipher and find the meaning of a hieroglyph message . But the theme of the story has been kept intact. Kakababu and his adventure would have been liked by the creator Sunil Gangopadhayay.

Srijit is very strong on getting good music for his movies and his song picturisations have been brilliant in the previous movies. Here also he scores but I could not wonder , if so many songs were really necessary in this movie. The action is not of Allan Amin variety as most of the conflict is shown to take place in the mindspace. But action fans will not be disappointed . The camera moves very fast and the scenes too.

The packaging of the movie hs been done in an international format with very good editing and an interactive dialogue . The subtitles are really meaningful and retains the flavour of the dialogues with an universal appeal.

In acting everybody hs done well. Prosenjit as Kakababu Raja Roychoudhury has obviously got the central role and has done justice to it. But if onr has to single out good acting then #Indraneil Sengupta would be my choice. #Rajit Kapur has also proved himself once again.

I have come out of the cinema with the feeling of watching a good movie and would recommend the movie even to people who do not understand Bengali. It has its few weak points but no one will regret watching the film .