Monday, 8 June 2015

Foreign minister

The curious case of the missing third lady.

Pardon me if it sounds like the title of some hackneyed detective novel. Now that we all have seen images and heard about how our great leader has handled the two ladies, Mamata and Haseena so adroitly. No doubt,on the face of it, the Bangla trip  can be treated as a success. Though how much groundwork was done by the previous government is a matter of value research.

But amongst all the euphoria of good vibes generated by our PM's Bangladesh visit and his success in getting multiple agreements signed, one wonders, where was our foreign minister ?

Can the learned ones please illuminate on this ? Or do you want to dismiss this as the ravings and rantings of a nitwitted nit picker ? Let's do it  the yoga way baby. Take a deep breath and stay cool. Such nit witted Gauls were there even under the great Roman empire ( courtesy Herge')

By the way, I read today that the Director (??) of the Indian cricket team has opined that there is no need of a coach for the Indian cricket tea. Perhaps he is the follower of the great Ian Chappell theory- " A coach is what the team travels in ".  Maybethe time has come for the director of the Indian government to announce oe fine day that there is no need of a foreign minister.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The long wait to receive some bad news
from the postman on a hot summer afternoon.
That knock on the wooden door will mean
the beginning of a new spell of grief.
Nothing of this would have happened ,
but  the stream  of tears that wet the eyes
with all the baggage of  exiled shadows of gloom;
they somehow conspire to break free .
All promises are void in the zone of darkness
spreading from the seat of eternal hope.
Illuminated faces of majestic magicians
can be so misleading for the starry eyed flock.
The messiah is long gone ,
in fact he was the first one who fell
to join the pantheon of fallen leaders .
Fend for yourself now , don’t expect any help
there will be no good news for you
in the sudden ring of the telephone at midnight.