Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Before I can reach you

Is it my obsession
that makes me try
to reach you with every breath of mine,
in a last minute attempt to stay afloat.
Still somehow , I sink deep and deeper.
Before I can reach you.
I kneel down in my prayer to worship you
for my salvation.
Without you these wretched blues for me.
this emptyness of abundance.
Deliverance , only you can give it .
Hold my hands , for that little while
make me feel that solace ,
I keep on searching for
through out this tiring journey.
Before I can reach you.
My eyes, burdened with sleepless nights
seek you everywhere .
Keeping vigil with me are the stars
they know how long it has been;
this voyage of mine across the seas.
I have trekked the deserts and hills
all in my obsession .
Before I can reach you.

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