Sunday, 9 August 2015


Sometimes we treat the words Karma  and Dharma for our own use as it suits us. We don't believe in them fully. But today itself something opened my eyes.

While waiting for leaving from Dhamma Vipula , I called a cabdriver whom I generally call for pickups and drops from and to airport or office, parties,  etc. Luckily he was on road at Nerul. He came to pick me up and looking at my unshaven beard asked me what was the matter. I explained him the whole thing during my short ride to home.

Reaching home when I put my hand in the trouser pocket to pay him, he just stopped me by holding my hand and refused to accept money saying I was returning from a good cause.
I was really stumped by his goodwill gesture.

Yes, good Karma begets positive vibes. I now belive it fully.

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