Monday, 31 August 2015

In spite of all claims of development and progress, we are still a bigoted society trapped in medieval mentality. The retards who killed an old scholar in cold blood  for his irreverent views on religion may also garner support from many bigots and fanatics for being the keepers of faith. Just like the killers of rationalists in Bangladesh.

Today it was the old  frail man. Tomorrow it may be me. Day after it will be you. Where do we take refuge ? The wall of indifference can just support our back. It will not protect us from the bullet or chopper which the assassin has ready for us. Make no mistake these killers or their backers are no better than the IS or Taliban.

I will laugh away the secular ideology as  "Sickular". Trash the liberal outlook. Dump the nonbelievers as enemies of faith. Time is just ticking away for me.

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