Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Slipping into oblivion with myself,
with the robe of anonymity covering
all those sins sticking to me like leeches.
How different does it feel to sink deep
into the unknown territory down below.
No reason to try and stay afloat anymore
the surface is no more the same.
The weeds that try to bind me with their
tentacles creeping up from beneath
will keep me safe from the prying eyes.
I will find my sanctuary there.
The urge to live overground has vanished
long ago as the cold touch seeped in
through the pores of my heart.
I have started liking this dark abode now
without the hint of light , so much black.
Those of you who may have tried hard
to offer a lifeline and let me redeem,
thank you for all your misplaced trust
My road to perdition remained unwalked,
I chose to be with the shadows.

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