Friday, 16 March 2012

The 100th ton and beyond

The India- Bangladesh ODI match today emphasised the glorious nature of Cricket and the romance of the game.While Sachin Tendulkar completed his 100th International century, the Bangladesh team also achieved a memorable win over India. It only established the supremacy of the game over individual glory.

Cricket gives ample scope to an individual to attain individual glory and greatness but at the endof the day, it remains a team game. One person can turn the fortunes of a game no doubt but he needs the support of his ten other teammates to emerge a winner .

The fantastic win by Bangladesh does not take away a bit of the greatness from Sachin. He has been one of the greatest players the game has known and will always have his place in the history of the game. There should not be any jingoistic breast beating over the Bangladesh win because it was not a capitulation by India as was seen at Australia a few days back. Bangladeshi players really played well and deserved the victory. We may discuss the failings of the Indian strategy or the ineffectiveness of the bowlers to contain the opposition but please, don't take away the credit from the Bangladeshi boys who fought very well . Remember they also had a close match previously against Pakistan too.

I find that there is a relief among Indians with the coveted milestone reached by Sachin as also the growing expectations of people wanting him to retire. I personally feel that the decision of retirement should be left to him but he must also read the writing on the wall. There comes a time in every great career when the end looms ahead and the signs are unmistakeable. Lingering unnecesarily with hopes to prolong the inevitable only causes problem. When you have to go, let go. The stage is now set for Sachin to ride into the sunset after a long and glorious career. After all these years of providing entertainment to millions of his fans , he deserves a fitting farewell.

Congratulations to him on his achievements which we all will cherish with fond memories.

And yes, take a bow Bangladesh team. Congratulations, you have arrived. Thank you for providing us with a very interesting and thrilling match. Once again, Cricket is all about the romance, the uncertainty and the rise of the underdog .

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