Thursday, 30 December 2010

Adieu 2010

So, it had to end like this,like a pre- ordained tragedy we will part, never to meet again.
No words,efforts or promises will hold you back.
You have decided to leave me.
As you move along, into the sunset,never to return again.
I would like you to know.
I loved every moment spent with you.
The agonies and the ecstasies ,the unbridled heights of orgasmic delight,the smouldering passion.
The depths of despair and the poison of suffocation, I tasted them all in your arms.
Your slow and languid days and weeks laden with promising ends, your suddenly changing months,they were all mine and will remain forever with me.
looking back with nostalgia, Adieu 2010, wherever you be,rest in peace.

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