Monday, 31 January 2011

Your deep ,dark and smiling eyes

As I slowly drown deep into your dark and smiling eyes,
I can sense my fate calling me into its wide open arms.
This will be the certain end of me, I realise with a sense of impending catastrophe,
as my futile efforts to remain afloat against this whirlpool are of no use.
Helpless and defeated, I wait, for you to smile ,triumphant in your victory.
And  then suddenly you kill me, by looking away.

Nobody would believe that I waited a thousand eons to meet my destiny,
my captor, my servitude, all a matter of unfulfilled  expectations.
I travelled through  the sea and sky as I walked along this world in your quest.
I tried to seek you in the last dregs of the empty wine glasses,
strewn around my drunken stupor.
Yet you were never mine.

Now that I kneel before you,having laid down my arms ,sweetheart,
end  my story, this agony of existence.
Allow me to perish ,I pray with folded hands.
For every drop of my blood  in my veins are a rebel.
They would like me to hold you tight in my arms and
drink deeply from your full and curved lips.

I am myself afraid of this unknown passion tormenting me day and night.
In my dreams or when awake,I remain lost in your deep, dark and smiling eyes.
But I could never tell you before about my  reckless devotion.
Even when they asked me your name I  just laughed, I laughed aloud.
How could  I let them dare to point  their fingers to you and link me with your name.

Let tomorrows fade away from my eyes, I will still be aware.
of your deep, dark and smiling eyes,
Oh, those deep,dark and smiling eyes , my last sanctuary.

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