Monday, 25 April 2011

There are moments in life , when I have to remember
my past, however painful it may be.
As a matter of fact, it comes naturally ,
without too much prodding , like the gushing jet of water,
uncapped from its source hidden under the soul.

The world stops still then and the bleeding inside,
unknown, unseen by others, goes on .
My senses can feel those long lost places which,
I will never visit again.
Those friends and those smiling faces, whom I may
have lost forever.
All those pieces of torn and faded memories ,
in a vivid collage , comes back to me.

Sitting here with the old shadows dancing around me ,
in the stillness of this hidden moment of joy
embedded deep inside the tears which I feel,
slowly rolling down my cheeks.
I know,these moments are mine, only mine.
Nobody can ever share them .

Arunangshu Paul
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