Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ooh la la , ooh la la.........
She is terrific. Vidya Balan breathes life into The Dirty Picture and
makes it alive. She also proves herself as the best actress in the
country as all the aspects of acting,be it physical or emotional has
been portrayed by her in the most convincing manner.
Make no mistake,the role essayed by her was a very difficult one and
she has proved herself in the most emphatic manner.

The film itself is a deconstruction of the 80s era when with the
advent of TV and video technology,soft porn became a fuel to ignite
the Indian male fantasy. Movies were made,mainly in the southern
states,which catered to the repressed and sex obsessed average Indian
male who were opening up to the world with increasing disposable

Milan Lutharia had earlier made the movie Once upon a time in Mumbai
which also tried to capture the period of 70s and 80s in the backdrop
with the life of the mafia don Haji Mastan , purportedly in the
forefront . He has very cleverly tried to use the formula again in a
different cocktail of sex,sleaze with titillation by leaking
beforehand the information that this movie was based on the life and
times of Silk Smitha,the sexy siren from south.
But this has made his task a huge challenge as unravelling the layers
of the complex female mind is always tricky and with a subject like
this it needs very delicate handling to avoid the trap of being
labelled as crass or vulgar. He has been majorly successful in this.
Aided by a tight screenplay and witty dialogues, the tempo of the
movie is even paced and flows with the story line.

This movie is a one woman show and for a change, the male actors have
been used as props.

The heartening feature was the presence of many ladies and a housefull
show. Overall its a good entertainment and a plausible narrative
without any superhero,crime or violence.worth watching.

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