Thursday, 25 October 2012

Seasons change

After about a week of hiatus , started the regulation pre morning jogging again today after realising yesterday night that the five funfilled days of Durgapuja has increased my weight almost instantly. But more than the physical aspect of the exercise, what was noteworthy today was the perception of the weather change which has happened in between. Strangely we don't realise the subtle changes in 
our daily grind or preoccupation.

This dawn, at about 6 a.m. before sunrise , as I set feet outside, I could distinctly felt the cool air a little more chilly and the weather having that slight bite of cold. As I jogged on the sun rose and I found that the shrubs, plants and bushes which were of bright green foliage just a week back now had changed hue with brown leaves which showed signs of dryness. They would soon be dry and the landscape will change. Autumn was in full swing . In Mumbai winter is as transitory as the dewdrop on a grass before the sun rises. But still , the prospects of clear skies and migratory birds dotting the waterbody just behind my building suddenly made me feel looking forward to winter with an eager expectation.

Seasons have to change, after all .

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