Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I am alive

To think I am alive right now,

here today at this very moment .
What matters most to me is that
life surrounds me in its deep embrace.
When there's no reason why I should have
this privilege in the first place.
A sense of gratitude covers me to think
that all the good things that happened
to me till now were ordained by fate.
Was it luck or something more
that kept me going and opened up
the way as I moved along in life.
People left me , some never returned
I lost so many whom I loved.
Still , everything fell in place
and what I've got in the ultimate
has been much more and overflowing.
I have falllen, then got up on my feet.
Loved, hurt,humilated and respected,
sometimes passed by, sometimes noticed.
But at the end of it, nothing matters
more than the feeling of being alive.
I found that much of what I feared
never really existed except in my fears.
All things that I wanted to love as mine
were much closer to me than I realised,
I had just to feel them within .
I live because its a blessing that I received.

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