Thursday, 4 April 2013


The power of silence is unique really; it persuades, it can also negate. Lost in the void of speechlessness are the strands of emotion. To understand silence is to decipher an unknown language, very ancient. What passes of between two souls in silence is like something electric which transforms people at the two ends like charged poles. There may be attraction or repulsion, depending on the unsaid thoughts which pass through the minds of the two persons.
Silent feelings are fascinating if you can understand them. Sometimes a thousand words will not describe the story which a silent look can author in the space of a moment. All of a sudden there is the indication, the signal which was being awaited for days and hours. A veil covering the restlessness within just like the calm before the storm.
Like anyone or rather everyone, I have witnessed silence in its many facets. Sometimes with a smile on my face, sometimes with fear and trepidation eating away my innards or with the resigned acceptance of the tragedy faced. Whatever it was, I think silence defines our existence as it punctuates the sound and cacophony of the world around us .Because ultimately its not the words that are spoken by us or about us that matters but the depth of the silence which we leave behind that matters .   

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