Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Random thoughts 04012016

By joking publicly about an old lady climbing 12 floors to lobby for an award , the Fatso proves that he is an indecent idiot and his upbringing is not gentlemanly .  Even if we agree that the lady has indeed done this , is it a matter of advertisement  to show the power a minister wields ? Such frivolous minded nitwits are better suited to comedy channels instead of the cabinet.


The chances of winning the Nobel Peace prize by the Sharif Badmash jodi jointly looks oh-so-difficult at this stage. Never mind buddy. Try to get it by propagating Yoga. Or you may try to get the Nobel for literature too. After all you are a creative genius in the field of fantasy.

Heard on the streets :
We live in a country where people know whether your fridge contains mutton or beef , but allow terrorists to move at will . #Irony

Thus spake Rajnath Singh on 20th June 2015 .

Knowledge is very dangerous. Those who are involved in terrorist activities, they are also 'gyaani'. They do not lack knowledge. There are many people in terrorism, they have knowledge too. But knowledge should be used in such a way that it becomes helpful to the society, not disastrous. Yoga will do the work of controlling that knowledge.

Why is it that the BJP suffer from a deep rooted complex to prove itself in respect of relation with Pakistan ? Even after the experience of the past NDA government they do not seem to have learned the lesson.
No body expected this government to build a cordial relation with Pakistan. Rather what was expected was that they would send a tough message against terrorism sponsored by our western neighbour and keep
the threat of terrorism under check by a strong deterrent policy. Probably the pressure from the USA and the lure of a Nobel Peace prize jointly with Mr. Sharif motivated our PM to try out something which was labelled as innovative. As a marketing gimmick it was a great show but fell flat on its face because it was not backed by real intent and the fake exuberance was apparent through the mask of bonhomie on both sides like coming together of two mafia ganglords for the purpose of business deal.

But then you can't make statesman out of a journeyman. Destiny may take people to places and place them at unexpected elevations but then somethings are not destined for some people. The narrative of Indo-Pakistan relations is a complex equation which can't be solved by simplifying personal outreach. All said and done Pakistan seems to be better for us as a known enemy rather than an unbecoming friend.


Some news reports has indicated that instead of acting constructively on the leads provided by the persons first abducted and then released by the suspected militants , the Punjab police thrashed the driver Mr Gopal brutally at Sadar Police station , Pathankot. Incidentally he himself served the police force for a long time . This may seem to be a very small incident which happens everyday in many of the police stations all over the country but actually points out to the real malady which faces the law and order system .

It is not possible altogether to stop people committing crimes and terrorist acts. But they can be prevented to a large extent if the law and order machinery is aware and awake to the needs of the security system .

Everybody is talking about how militants from across the borders are entering our country to carry out terrorist attacks and rightly blaming Pakistan for such outrage . But how many are bothered to know about the law and order situation in Punjab under the rule of the CM who has been glorified as the Indian Mandela . While we mourn the lives of Jawans killed in protecting our country , why do we keep our eyes closed to the alleged complicity of the Punjab police , BSF and a section of the top politicians with the drug business that has its link across the border.

The menace of drugs in Punjab is a well known fact . That the terrorists use this drug network to smuggle arms and people into the country is a corollary . Anybody with common sense will join the dots and come to the obvious conclusion. Still no one tries to sort out the problem . What does it indicate ? As long as the powerful people are compromised in their connection with nefarious activities , there is no way to stop such infiltrations and incursions .

The Army can fight the external threat and guard the borders , no doubt, but it is the police who is responsible to maintain the law and order and provide the basic intelligence from the ground level which can be the game changer. Small little nuggets of information can prevent bigger incidents or contain the damage to a large extent. But if the police believes that the only method of information gathering is the good old thrashing then there is alienation and chances of misinformation and confusion being spread . Also in this case the turn of events points out to the fact that either the whole of Punjab police turned a blind eye to the terror threat or some among them is in connivance with the terrorists. The other simple option to consider may be that they lived upto their reputation of Santa Banta style of functioning. But can be people be really so clumsy ? I can't believe it.

Imagine , a senior officer of the police , a SP is abducted along with two other persons at the dead of night and then found abandoned by the captors later . The dead body of a taxi driver is found from a spot near their abduction point. The vehicle remains stolen , The mobile phones are used for communication by the terrorists . The conversations are tracked . And all this happening at a place which is near the Pakistan border and after a terror alert already sounded . NSG commandos were sent to Pathankot at least 8 hrs before the terrorists started the attack. Are all these considered to be normal ? The stolen vehicle with its beacon is used by the terrorists to cross check posts where no information is passed about the abduction. Should we believe it ?

Something is very much wrong somewhere. You can smell it from the confusion in the reports made. People are now trying to cover their tracks but this is a case of intelligence failure at the grassroot level , no doubt about it. . From the response of the overall security system , it looked as if someone desperately wanted the terrorists to attack Pathankot airbase.Otherwise, how can you explain the failure to nab the terrorists when they knew their location, had so much of time and had so many military resources in the area to hunt them down ?

The system of Policing in the country is such that nobody would like to have any contact with the police whatsoever in their normal day to day life . The tales of brutality , corruption , political servility and foolishness of the police is so wide spread that the common citizen not only fears them but also have no trust on their intention. Nobody comes forward on their own to report petty offences which often hide bigger and more sinister crimes. Surprisingly , if asked everybody will admit that "The police knows everything " or "There is nothing that the police can't do" . Which means that even with the present state of affairs prevailing , there is a lot of improvement that can be done.

There are some very intelligent minds that have joined the police and we should not tar the whole force with the same brush. But the fact remains that the qualifications , skills, recruitment, training, salary and job conditions of an average policeman are all contributory factors to their collective incompetence , everywhere.

Police is a state subject and therefore every state has its own jurisdiction over its police force . But the need of the hour is to have widespread reforms in the police service and some uniformity in the service conditions all over the country. The old colonial style of police system has outlived its utility . It was a system devised to repress people on behalf of the British master . What we need now is a smart , agile , intelligent and perceptive police force to deal with the present day law and order problems .That will not only help the prevention of many crimes like rape, murders , frauds , riots etc. but also be the first line of defence against terrorists and militants .

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