Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Art of filling.

Using the Indian Army to manage the preparations of a jumboree organised by a self styled godman is perhaps being done as a patriotic gesture. I wonder if protesting against this will attract the anti-national label. So unless that is cleared by the appropriate authority, I am afraid to pass any comment. Moreover, who knows, some old retired Brigadier with long moustaches may come on TV and start shedding tears. People can become so sentimental.

Meanwhile, all the patriotic fervour generated during the Pathankot attack has evaporated. Nobody perhaps remember it anymore and so it should also not be discussed.  The bunglings which occured during the operation to counter the attack has been conveniently swept under the carpet . The brave announcements of revenge have faded away. The people who raised antinational slogans in JNU ( as claimed by government officials, minsters and ruling party functionaries) are yet to be identified and arrested. The students of the JNU has been villified , lampooned and labelled as anti nationals in the bargain .   But baby, you can't complain. Otherwise, you will be labelled as anti-national. What you can't say also is that in both the cases , there was a big gap in intelligence and handling at the ground level for which the Home minister should be sacked , of course if he is really in control of his department. Because criticism of the government is unpatriotic and intolerant , as espoused by some great mind .

All those bleeding ''nationalist'' patriotic hearts, are you listening? Remember, this is just a new benchmark for using the army. The government has full right and authority to use any person employed by it in whichever manner it deems fit and for whatever reasons . There is no criticism on that . But let us understand that the more the army is used in civilian requirements without any emergency reason, the more like Pakistan we will become. But then may be that is what we aspire to be . 

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