Sunday, 30 October 2016

I dream of the anarchy

I dream of the anarchy 
that will ravage 
this cosy arrangement 
of makebelieve happiness.
Happiness that winks at me 
from the newspaper reports;
myths framed on false smiles.
I want the orderliness to break
into disarray of chaos .
I want to feel my world
in all its vulnerability
with the houses of cards gone
all swept away by a hurricane.
Then savour the raw appeal
of the dishevelled beauty
taking her in my arms and caress.
I want to place the seeds
of a new beginning; to sprout
from the womb of the shamble.
The morning that peeps in
after the darkness of night.
I want my child to wake up
in the dawn of promise
and see the sunshine.
I want the announcement to be made
on loudspeakers at every crossing
- We have left yesterday behind
for the tomorrow and it looks so glorious.

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