Tuesday, 17 January 2017


You leave me alone 
every night in a trail of dreams.
In fine threads, that get tangled 
with my sleep and keep me awake 
throughout the night.
I lie in the darkness 
and silently call your name 
in a last ditch attempt 
to reach you across the dark space.
Half asleep, in a semi-conscious state 
drooping somewhere between 
the heights of ecstasy 
and the depths of frustration, 
I sink into an oblivion, 
a sort of suspended disbelief 
with my senses awake, waiting for you.

But you don’t, and will never come, 
I realize my folly staring around me. 
But by then I have already lost my sleep
and you have come back again, 
perhaps to wake me up. 

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