Monday, 8 May 2017

Random thoughts 08052017

#Randomthoughts. It is a common practice of most people working in offices, particularly in big cities to stay up late. It is induced not so much by the volume of work but more by the need to suck up to the boss. There are some( actually many) bosses who equate work with late staying at office. And they get sadistic pleasure by keeping people glued to the desk upto late hours. The reason for this is because these middle-aged (mostly) do not have any attraction to go home. They neither look forward to a nice evening with family , nor do they have  good hobbies , friends or clubs to spend time. So they elongate their office hours. Therefore, until the Boss leaves , the whole chain downwards ( at least those who bother about promotions and incentives) slog along or fake it, like orgasms. Uhh uh uh , see Sir, I am working.

The younger subordinates quickly get the message. They fill up their time by Google search , job search, property search,online shopping, gossip, social media etc. and start working after lunch. This way a vicious cycle is perpetuated down the line.There are also some persons, particularly in Metro cities, who delay their return to avoid the office hour rush in public transport systems. The simple truth is that everybody whiles away their time. Anyone who leaves in time is seen as a job shirker and termed as self centered. And everyone starts believing that by overstaying they are working more. Some even feel proud to announce how late they sit in office to show the importance of their post and the job they do. Whenever I hear such morons, I laugh at them inwardly and kick their asses in my mind , while trying to keep a serious face hiding my utter revulsion.

And what great jobs do they do ? Mostly answering emails on MS Outlook, writing notes on MS Word, analysing data on MS Excel and preparing presentations on MS Powerpoint.

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