Monday, 27 November 2017

Random thoughts 27112017

Ravichandran Ashwin creates the record to get the fastest 300 wickets in 54 Test matches. This is a great feat no doubt , more so when you consider that the record was till now held by Australian fast bowling legend Lillee who had reached the milestone in 56 Test matches way back in 1981 and it took 36 years for another bowler to eclipse the record.

Well there can be many arguments about the position of Ashwin in the hall of fame for the all time greats. Any comparison between players of the present and the past eras will  be futile. Cricket has evolved so much over the years and the rules, regulations, style and grammar of the game has changed drastically. We have to keep that in mind before embarking on any theoretical discussion. or comparison.

Denis Lillee, as we all know is a legendary fast bowler and hailed as the outstanding fast bowler of his generation. But Ashwin perhaps cannot claim the same pedestal for his generation , that too in India .Another point of debate may be the number of wickets that both had on Indian soil. For Ashwin it has been overwhelmingly too many , while for Lillee , it's only a handful.

But let us not split our hairs on the  statistics . Ashwin has been able to make the most of the chances that fate has provided him and grabbed firmly all opportunities that came his way. And he has been a consistent match-winner too. He deserves the adulation and encomiums that's being showered on him. It's his moment under the sun . Let us congratulate him. #Ashwin

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