Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Random thoughts 21022017

#Randomthoughts It really feels wonderful to see the Prime minister of Canada and his lovely family touring India and attired in ethnic Indian dresses to places, wherever they visit. Particularly Mrs. Trudeau should be complimented for carrying off the Sari with such ease and grace. The children also look cute as do their father (ladies are actually drooling over him). For the first time perhaps, we have a visiting head of country spending such longish quality time with the family in our country on an official visit and wearing so much of our Desi attire.

It's a pity therefore that his visit is not being highlighted by the establishment or the media to its due importance or necessary glitz. We have seen confirmed human rights abusers, tinpot dictators, ruthless fascists, mad-hatter jokers, obnoxious idiots, immoral cheats and even feudal Kings, Queens and Regents getting much more of fanfare and publicity during their visits to this land. So there is a bit of something that definitely stinks here.

Many commentators have linked this treatment, rather snub , to the Khalistani issue and as a quid pro quo. A whisper campaign is doing the rounds to project this diplomatic one-upmanship as an assertive statement. I don't have much idea of international diplomacy, but wonder what form of civility it is to call a person to your home as a guest, then snub him and furthermore gloat over it as a great achievement. At least I am not able to see either the merit or the funny side of it.

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