Sunday, 1 April 2018

Before you conform

When you start bothering about
what, exactly, other people expect of you,
you fall into the trap laid to snare you
and make you accept and obey the rules
set by others, faceless but omnipresent.
They start whispering in your ears –
the time for rebellion is passed,
as you only have so much time to waste.
You have to conform, or else,
sit around and watch
the whole world pass you by
in a whirling montage.
The world understands harmony;
they all want us to fulfill ambitions.
Even as you know the truth in
the heart of your heart –
you can’t be sure when the
same chances will come around again.
So clear the slate
to make a fresh start and go at it
with the total abandon of a reckless wreck.

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