Monday, 12 September 2011

Love is worship

On 11th September I had posted the following on my Facebook profile:

Read the lines carefully and feel free to write your comments. later  I will change just two alphabets and the orientation of the paragraph will change. Lets see how you see it friends:

"You are the one whom I seek through skies and the clouds, over seas and hills,across deserts and plains,in rivers and trees.Make my life complete. Come and hold my hand, my Love . I am waiting for you."

First let me explain the idea behind the change of the two alphabets .There have been suggestions that the word 'Love" gets changed to "Life" by replacing "ov" with "if" . It is a very good suggestion, but taken with the second sentence, it becomes jarring. So in spite of the changed orientation , it conveys ambiguity. But in one way this suggestion was bang on target. The change had to be in the word "Love"

What I really had in mind was the word "Lord" replacing "Love" ( "rd" replacing "ve"). The idea may have germinated in me when I was listening to some songs in the morning and it remained in the back of my mind unconsciously. But it hit me when in the evening I was participating in the Ganapati Visarjana at our neighbours flat. I am not a very religious person by nature but not an atheist . My views on religion are liberal and I believe in God , not rituals. At my house there is no Puja or religious performance done whatsoever. But I participate in all religious functions if invited by friends and look upon these as more of social obligations.

Coming back to the point - as I kneeled in front of the deity and closed my eyes, I seemed to be praying with the same words which were originally meant to be a romantic idea generated by some song heard in the morning. I was surprised at first and then realized how intricately our mind works. Under the layers of subconscious ,lies the search for the eternal. At moments of deep concentration or disturbance, these hidden things come to the fore.

There is actually nothing to be surprised about this. Love and God are just two forms co existing within each other. Whereas Love is a form of worship , worship of the Supreme is the purest form of Love. We often in our expressions, relate Love to its carnal form and accept it generally as such. But Love is beyond the boundaries of body . It's true manifestation is within the soul and there is no need for it to be restricted to any object of desire,by relation or earthly . It is the ultimate experience. That's the reason for the old Latin dictum " Amor vincit omnia" to be always relevant.

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