Thursday, 8 September 2011

Seeds of peril

No body cared,none gave a second look.

The small plant grew like a parasite on the cornice wall. Springing to
life, from the seeds of an ancient banyan tree,carried by some bird
with its excreta,it withered the initial pains in all humility. The
sapling was nurtured by the raindrops alone in the rainy season and
gathered its strength slowly from the dust and deris forming a green
mossy layer on the roof. Slowly,it spread its roots,clinging
desperately to whatever it touched, as if it wanted to embrace
everything around.
As it grew, the roots searched for newer cracks and entered deep into
them, binding the concrete within and creating more space for itself.

Days passed,seasons changed and another rainy spell came. The small
plant had by now sprouted foliage which shined in the sunlight with a
deep green hue , bathed and fresh, as the raindrops clinging to them
sparkled like gems.

Now it was on its own gathering strength and nutrients from the
building itself. It looked beautiful but was a threat to the walls. If
unchecked it would soon crack the walls and water will seep
through,weakening the structure,ultimately bringing it down.

But then,friends,this is the way life moves on. KIngdoms and empires
have gone to ruins by neglect of that small seed,which nobody cared
about and none gave a second look.

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