Thursday, 10 November 2011

Unsaid prayers

Standing alone ,I have wondered

How it would really be ?

To live this life as an unsaid prayer

directed towards the huge space,

maybe galaxies beyond

with the motion of the gentle wind

into eternity.

Or a violent storm throwing it into the

unknown big black hole that sucks

everything into oblivion.

Is it darkness that is the final destination

or is the promise of light that will carry

it through the journey.

It is not necessary that we understand

everything said or heard by us

though we know the meaning

and that includes prayers too.

Because every single day

that is spent like absurd alphabets

also have their meaning.

So ,make all this arrangement,

take all the pains to memorise the prayers

with the belief that they really work.

There may not be a chance again

to remember them when the time comes

to walk through the darkness.

Have you have ever noticed?

that even though darkness differs

from place to place or as it changes

with time, it follows some rules.

You can never hold it

but they cling to you all along

till you reach the edge of light.

Then suddenly they become shadows

and grow large and larger .

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