Monday, 7 November 2011

Unspent desires.

To deny the unspent desires,

touch of the unknown depths,

like the unwanted of this world.

Is it so easy to find an answer

for the cause of these recurring nightmares,

throughout this darkness all around .

Marks of the nails on bare bodies,

tell tale signs of primal satisfaction,

strewn away like strands of hair

all around the floor in careless neglilence.

The diffused light which silhouttes

the spontaneous curves as the

repository of unending passion

coiled within to strike again,

in this senseless game of pleasure.

Giving in to temptations becomes

a habit of flesh and blood as

the fingers, tongue and lips explore

new reasons to savour the pleasures

of life as it trickles through the pores

of sweat stained souls intertwined

covered in the sheets of sticky shadows,

till the verge of irresponsible breakthrough.

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