Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weep like a man.

Snapshot_20111029_8 (2)

All of a sudden something welled within me,

it was more like a river in tide.

Ravaging floods sweeping away 

everything to plunder the banks.

I could just manage to see her fade out

and dissolve in the  crowd ,for one last time.

She was gone now.

As the full force of the floods

now hit me , stronger than ever.

Waves after waves of desperation

engulfed me , in repeated succession,

without any chance of respite.

My legs were giving away.

I was no more able to stand on them.

In a slow motion,

I heaped on the ground on my knees,

bend and thrust my face

within the two palms of my hand,

seeking the elusive sanctuary.

I could feel the warmth

of my tears streaking down the cheeks

and tasted its saltiness on my lips.

My whole existence came to a naught

in these few seconds.

Nothing could hold me back.

Not even the embarrassment

of making a scene in public.

I wept without any restraint.

The walls were now coming down,

with a heart wrenching sound

and flowing away with the flood waters.

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