Saturday, 22 October 2011

Anna is neither MG nor JP. They were political creatures first then a crusader. But Anna is more like Binoba and all chances are that he will end up like Binoba Bhave , a "Sarkari Sant" . To take on the intricate Indian political system is not an easy task. It is risky and there are more chances of getting lost in the labyrinths or drown in the cesspool .
To do anything worthwhile, it is necessary... to have the control of power . to have the control , you need to win elections. To win the elections, you have to play politics. Once you are in politics, you have to compromise. High moral ground is of no use. You may win the support of some educated and comparatively privileged middle class like myself but thats it.
While undoubtedly Anna has proved himself to be a crusader and deserves to be saluted and supported on his mission which touches a very basic and contemporary issue of our day to day life, the persons around him are people who are fuelled by ambition and want to ride piggyback to power without going through the grind of politics and allied troubles. Their individual ambitions, alliances,inclinations,ideologies, ommissions and more importantly commissions will always work against the purpose.
None of the political parties, Congress, BJP, CPM or any others want Anna to succeed. They are patiently waiting for the self destruction of the movement before the next General elections. That is the reason for this inept and weak government to continue. Even the opposition does not want this government to fall now. MMS is a really lucky person !!!!!!!!

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