Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bhooter Bhobbishot


To watch a well made Bengali movie is always a treat and watching it in Mumbai doubles the joy. Bhooter Bhobishyot is a wonderful movie to watch. It's entertaining,wholesome and contemporary even though dealing with a subject as difficult as the plight of ghosts.It is proved that you can make a decent comedy movie on ghosts without horror with a very light dose of masala and bring in the public to the theatre.

The screenplay and the dialogues are very well synchronised and edited to fit the context. The movie never slackens the pace of the narrative even though the storyline is offbeat and satirical. This actually is remarkable
for any director to manage.

The actors in the movie does justice to their parts and each one of them have contributed to the movie like a successful cricket team. Without a conventional model of story with hero, heroine, villain, twists etc the timing and the delivery of dialogues become very important to keep up the tempo of the film and the director is successful in this with the help of a very good performance by the entire cast.

Now coming to the actors, I find Parambroto improving with every film and not surprisingly, he is there in three of the last six movies I have watched. After Baishey Shraabon and Kahaani, he again gives a very good and underplayed performance as a young film director. Swastika, one of my favs( for obvious reasons) as Kadalibala is the most sexy Petni ( chudail) I have seen after Dimple in Bees saal baad with all her Chhola Kolaa.

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