Saturday, 14 April 2012

On certain nights

Certain nights are different.
Secrets are revealed in #whispers
through the hidden wavelengths.
In every fold of the darkness
are some eager secrets hidden;
those unknown ambiguities,
which cover the sprouting desires
like a shroud without bothering
too much about their pains
or the consequences of denial.
In the crowd of the mourners
it is difficult to spot the real friend,
everybody wears the mask of sadness
and the corpse, bereft of life, lies still.
Purveyors of some occult practice
stand silently with their stony faces
upturned towards the dark skies
on such moonless night , calling out
to the darkness all around them,
soaking them within the senses
to prepare for the tortuous days ahead,
when the rays of light will blind them.
They realise very well that the sanctuary
of the darkness , after all is not eternal.

#poetry, #Just Arunangshu, #Oncertainnights

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