Sunday, 9 September 2012

Morning Walk

I have noticed the small tree
on my morning walks everyday, 
standing there, in a silhouette 
waiting eagerly for the Sun to rise. 
As the first rays of crimson,
covers me and the world beneath, 
in its tender warm glow; 
I have,actually seen the tree
looking up and smile at the Sun. 
It really looks lovely,
like a young girl in her first flush of youth.
Happy,carefree but slightly nervous. 
Someone whom you could kiss 
gently on the cheeks,not on the lips, 
in a gesture of love without passion. 
Like an old admirer, I watch her daily. 
In that corner, with a greeting smile. 
Today,it was a wet and moist morning 
hiding the Sun behind layers of clouds. 
Very few people had come out for a walk. 
As I passed the tree, I found it forlorn. 
As if she knew her lover, the Sun 
won't come to meet her today. 
Still she waited for him. all by herself. 
I noticed the flowers falling
from the branches,one by one silently. 
I stopped,to collect some of them 
in the cupped palms of my hands, 
I felt them with all my senses. 
Moist, pure and smelling fresh, 
they reminded me of somebody, 
far away, somewhere,years ago. 
Was she still waiting for me ?

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