Friday, 28 September 2012

The burden of negativity is too heavy to carry

The burden of negativity is too heavy to carry.  Once we are able to shrug it off, we feel light.

When someone identifies with the negative traits within self , it always leads to a thought process devoted to negativity. Then this negartivity seeps through and covers all aspects of conscious or unconscious actions, be it the way things are done , seen or spoken. It is difficult to free oneself from this negativity because with each passing day the identification with it becomes stronger. Slowly other's perception about the person also becomes negative.

It is therefore very important to not allow negativity take over our soul. This not only makes our soul lighter but also lifts our spirits to higher planes.  Often people provoke us with their negativity and it is very tempting to join issue s with them with the notion of fighting negativity. But actually it sucks us into the vicious cycle. Therefore one must not allow any margin of error on this count and fall into the trap . Because by having a positive outlook we can terminate our association and identification with negativity.

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