Monday, 19 November 2012

Just a stampede.

The news of stampede at Patna today which claimed so many lives saddens the heart. Then a sense of rage takes over. Firstly at the regularity of such incidents happening in our country during religious festivals and social gatherings. Secondly at the systemic apathy towards handling such incidents .
There will be lot of finger pointing and politicking over the incident and accusations will be made left and right without trying to understand the real reasons for the tragedy which will later be termed as an unfortunate accident and then conveniently forgotten. The state government will no doubt announce for compensations and nobody will care whether these amounts will reach the beneficiaries. Some sort of inquiry will also be instituted and the report will perhaps be published after a gap of two to three years with a lot of recommendations. By then many such accidents will take place at many other places in the country. But nothing will happen as n
obody will be ultimately made accountable for the lapses.
The whole administrative system runs on the premise of being not accountable for anything that happens to the public and passes the buck to the maze of different departments and agencies that make up the monolithic system of governance in the country. At the end of the day its the politicians who take the flak as the last recipient of public ire. But even this does not make any impact because nobody expects a politician to do anything constructive any more. This helps them to shrug off any responsibility like a duck out of water .
What then is left for the people to do ? Nothing but to pray that such things don't happen to them . After all prayer and religion helps us to forget and forgive . Isn't it ?
Otherwise one can just end up being a cynical skeptic like yours truly.

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