Sunday, 16 March 2014

Queen of the hearts.

Kangna Ranaut is amazing in the movie Queen. Saw it today after missing it last week. Many of my friends on FB has senn it and have provided rave reviews  of it. I agree with them. The movie is a feel good experience which buoys the spirit . And Kangna has given her everything in the scenes. Her de glam look in the movie and the vulnerable yet determined expression on her sweet face tugs a string in your heart. Rarely has a bollywood heroine tried to look so ordinary yet ruled the hearts without  even a hint of sex appeal. After watching the movie you leave the hall with a smile on your face and a fine impression of Kangna as an actress. She deserves respect for her work .

While watching the movie comparisonss with "  Zindagi na milegi dobara " may come to mind. But both are different in structure. Here the psychology of the protagonist is not deeply explored. rather it is a narrative based on experiences of a caged soul trying to break free and understand itself. The scenes are very well conceived and edited. in spite of no action, villains and dramatic storyline, it keeps you glued to the seat on the back of a capable editing. The cities of Paris and Amsterdam are very nicely photographed. And by keeping the dialogues in various languages and the accented English of everyone the meaning is conveyed much easily . All the supporting cast have been effective in their roles.

And Lisa Haydon. My ,my , she is really a bomb.

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