Saturday, 22 March 2014

Whatever people may say about love ............

Whatever people may say about love,
not all of it may be always true.
Whether it is an illusion of mind
or does it really make the world change ;
has been a mystery to many .
Whatever people may say ,
love does not bless everyone.
There are those who spend a lifetime
in vain, searching the feel of love.
And some who never realise the mistake
of letting love slip away , unheralded
into the oblivion of that missed moment.
Whatever people may say about love,
it's not the togetherness that binds the souls;
but the yearning in the hearts , that passion
searing through two hearts physically apart,
which cross all boundaries of the rules
defined by this world , breaks the barriers
in its stride and make things happen .
To be in love and feel it unfold
is the dream which is real , the story
that continue even after ending so many times.

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