Monday, 21 November 2016

A cursed life 10

The fire died down immediately and the monster too vanished. The most strange sight was unfolding before their eyes. A funnel shaped ray of light descended on the earth from the sky above and captured in the light was the ethereal form of Mahadev Shiva , with his telltale blue throat . His right palm was straightened in the gesture of granting a boon while on his left hand was the trident . Ashwathamma made a dash and lied on the ground . Kripa and Kritabarma too threw their weapons and fell themselves on the ground. All the three were in tears to behold this sight, which was beyond their wildest dreams. Their whole body tingled with a strange sensation as a tremendous energy got spread all around.

The face of Lord Shiva was filled with a childlike smile. A deep resonating voive echoed around them "Get up, O dear Ashwathamma . I am so pleased with your sacrifice. Perhaps you don't know, a part of me in my Maharudra avatar is already there in you. You have pleased me tonight with your prayers. i never return my followers empty handed from my presence. Ask for whatever you want.

Ashwathamma , still prone on the ground sobbed " O Lord, there is nothing that I have not received in this world, by your benevolence. Sighting you has been the best experience that can happen to anyone. I have got my salvation , Master . But I have only a very small thing to ask for. I have promised my king and to keep the promise I have to eneter the Pandava camp and fight with them. Remove the wall of safety which you offer them my Lord and let me enter. The rest I leave to my destiny and the strength in my arms."

Mahadev was still smiling "O brave son of Drona . I was guarding the Pandava camp on the request of Krishna only for the period of the war. Krishna is most dear to me by his truth , purity,sincerity,austerity, vows, forgiveness, devotion, patience, thought and words. There is no other person equivalent to him in this world. Protection of Panchalas was to honour him . But now, time has something else in store for them . No one can be ahead or behind time because destiny is written by time . The Panchalas have their time running out. And you are only a vessel to fulfill what their destiny has in store for them . Enter the camp, O son of Drona, for I will be with you till you come out of it".

The ethereal form contained in the light now fell directly on Ashwathamma and vanished as if soaked by his body which radiated with a brilliance and stood erect on his feet. It was an incredible sight for Kritabarma and Kripcharya to behold as a battle cry emanated from Ashwathamma , standing upright with his sword raised in his right hand . He turned around to them and said "O brave warriors, you need not enter the camp, for there is no way they can stop me now. Both of you stand guard here , at the entrance and make it sure that nobody comes out of the camp alive .

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