Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Very often I come across social media posts by supposedly normal and sane persons who try to castigate "intellectual" , "liberal", "secular", "socialist"  etc. Earlier , I used to get very agitated but with time, age and perhaps the constant iteration of such views has made me immune to these references ; though mostly they are done with the mischievous purpose to elicit reaction and  release personal frustration .  Now I generally treat these  posts with a slight disdain mixed with boredom and a Jesus like invocation of - Pardon their follies for they do not know what they are doing. 

I  am not aware about the exact reasons for their antipathy , but can only guess that the opposition to these  above mentioned categories of people stem from a hidden inferiority complex  and deep rooted prejudices.  While vehemently opposing or running down these values  are such people aware that the opposite of these values are "stupid", "bigot", "religious", " capitalist" respectively.  If someone wishes to bracket himself or herself in such categories of personality , then I have nothing to say further. 

But is the real reason for attacking a person and painting him as one of the above only about opposition to these values. Or is it more sinister?  Is it not a way to denigrate free thinkers and those who try to bring a different perspective to any narrative that is forced down the throat of the people on the pretext of being popular. This  of course is nothing new or unique . This happens everywhere and been happening through ages . Whenever the mediocre and regimented thought process encounter something which has the potential to disrupt or invert the whole paradigm , there is a reaction and backlash. Conformity to the popular standard of social , political or attitudinal norms is what is expected .

This blind conformity to set rules , regulations and social mores are what makes us hate people for their caste, creed, colour, religion, nationality . And once being tied to a specific position , very few can come out of it and therefore cling to the overall falsehood that defines him or her as a person. Because it is very difficult to admit mistakes , before others  and more difficult to  reconcile the self  to it. 

It haunts us to no end to find that our direction of life is opposite to the core values of humanity and we have no way to stop it because we are under the false notion that swimming against the tide may affect our present material benefits . This dichotomy makes people unhappy and they try to punish their conscience for showing them up in a poor light. The negative sentiments pour out from within and it needs a target to attack . One can't attack people who are like themselves . So they pick up the intellectuals, liberals, seculars, socialists and further modify them into anti nationals because their mind is closed within boundaries and the largest boundary which they can think of is the imagined boundary of a nation state.

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