Monday, 7 August 2017

Sawan ko Aane Do

#SawanKoAaneDo  I felt much amused today while listening to some people discussing about the start of Sawan and the associated sacrifice of food habits . The Indian month of Sawan  purportedly starts today or sometime this week. A lot many people do not eat meat, fish or poultry during this month as a part of some religious belief. And many also abstain from drinking alcohol.  So all around, you will hear people arranging get-togethers and  to have their fill of these soon to be banned for one month delicacies, 

Here in Mumbai , they celebrate something called Gatari  when they embark on a spree of heavy drinking with non-vegetarian food  with such a fervour that it may turn off a person who does not realise that these poor souls will abstain from the goodies of life for the next one month.  In fact after coming to Mumbai and watching people participating in this orgy like ritual of eating , I had doubts whether the word originated from - Gutter , in English . People simply down their drinks as if the world would end tomorrow and chomp on their Tandoori chicken pieces with a most prejudiced view on the whole species of chickens .

It is again a bout of  revelry after Sawan ends . People make plans to celebrate the end of Sawan almost as it starts. And for one week after Sawan , the bars are filled with thirsty tipplers relishing kebabs and fries with their drinks. Venegeance is written large over their expressions as they seem to have come back from an exile .It would appear that the restriction was not for a month but for a whole life. Such is their steadfast affinity to the religion as also to their drinks.

Frankly speaking, I am happy with Sawan and  people abstaining from non-veg food and drinks because I don't abstain from anything . The prices of fish, chicken and eggs go down during this month, even if slightly. And bars are less crowded , definitely. Wine shops announce different schemes to boost sales . Last year I noticed a - Buy three , get one free - scheme being advertised for Beer at our local wineshop and immediately took advantage of that .  Some times, I wonder why such rituals are not celebrated three or four times in a year. That would make religious people feel  holy and holier and make life less expensive for unholy people like me. So I say with a loud cry - Sawan Ko Aane Do.

P.S. Air India has decided that it's Sawan all the year round . They will not serve non-veg food , as reported in news items.

Facebook post on 10th July 2017.

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