Monday, 11 September 2017

Random thoughts 11092017

You spend a lot of money for the education of your children. Sometimes a lot of money . Compared to the money spent on your own education by your parents, it may seem somewhat obscene  . But that gives you a feeling of satisfaction even if you are stretched beyond your means.You do  this to ensure a better future of your child . Because you are pragmatic  and believe that education is the best investment for the kid .

Let us stop here . If you believe that arranging the best education is a factor of your parental sentiment and your own expectations about the child , then I will accept it. Maybe it's not exactly correct to do so , but one can't argue over sentiments and feelings. But, what did you say, investment ?  Then please do a fact check like you do with all your investments. Are you investing your money wisely ? Are you sure that you are not wasting your money on an inferior product ? Do the education provided at all those places , beginning from the play-school to the coaching institutions worth their  money ?  And lastly , is your child getting to learn , appreciate and practice the value of his education or is it just an exercise to score brownie points over your neighbour .

There is no problem in doing your best to provide the best education for your child . But when it becomes an object of comparison like cars , flats, carpets or i-phones to show off your material status , it becomes a self fulfilling curse. Only, you realise it at a very late stage . And the price of your ambition or misplaced priorities is paid by the poor child . That is the tragedy .

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