Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hair Dye?

Yesterday something silly has given me great insight to life. It all started with some colleagues not believing that I have never used hair dye and the blackness of my hair was natural. Frivolous it may seem but it left me wondering. We the people (includes me) get so much accustomed to fakes,lies,distortions and negative experiences that they cannot look to genuine things without suspicion or scepticism.
Like my colleague(s) not beleving in my natural black hair at this age, people also do not believe in honest Judges,IAS or police officers. But they exist. For every million wrongs there will be one right . We may not believe but facts have always been stranger than fiction.
This also has another angle too. Why is it that people do not easily accept things which do not conform to their standards. If anything stands out , then is it necessary to suspect it, then defame it or bring it down to the level of collective mediocrity. 
These are all thoughts which occured to me and I wanted to share. I am myself guilty of such  assumptions,prejudices and bias in the past. But this introspection triggered by a silly comment has been very much illuminating to my way of looking at things. I believe henceforth I will be bold enough to think a bit differently away from the crowd and do so continuously even after my hair turns grey or goes bald.
Arunangshu Paul
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