Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tree of hope

Sunlight bathes my small tree everyday.
I have named it the Tree of hope
and water it religiously in the mornings.
Today as I approached ,it seemed to smile at me .
Only then I noticed the new green leaves on it's branches
and felt an ecstasy.

All that I have wished, seemed to be fulfilled,
that one moment seemed so precious to me.
To feel my efforts take shape in those tiny leaves
was so very thrilling to me.

I watched it fondly , as the morning sun cast its soft rays
to create a magical moment with the light mist around.
The whole world seemed so lovely and worth living after all.

One day when I won' t be there, the tree will still stand strong
and its bigger branches will surely shelter a small little bird
I hope the tree feels the same while the bird chirps its sweet tunes
reciprocating the love which I showered on it like a son .

Arunangshu Paul
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All matters published on this blog unless acknowledged are original
and created by me.

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