Wednesday, 23 March 2011

#Madhushala 230311

Let idols remain unadorned in temples, their bells need not chime ,
the masjids locked,the muezzin at home, prayers are not in time.
Treasures of famous kings be looted and their fortress razed
Our tavern remains the only place where happy men are placed.

Bajee na mandir me ghariyali, chadhi na pratima par maalaa,
baitha apne bhawan muezzin dekar masjid mein taalaa,
loote khazaane narpatiyon ke giri gadho ki deewaren,
rahe mubarak peenewaale, khuli rahen yeh madhushala.
Madhushala verse 20

Old lineages get demolished,none remains to grieve those faces,
palaces where ballerinas danced are reduced to vacant spaces
the fortune of kings lie in slumber and their empires end up sinking
this wine house but still remains awake with the merry men drinking

badhe badhe pariwaar mitein yoon, ek naa ho ronewaalaa,
ho jaayen sunsaan mahal ve , jahan thirakti surbala,
rajya ulat jaayen, bhupon ki bhagya sulakshmi so jaaye,
jame rahenge peenewaale, jagaa karegi madhushala.
Madhushala verse 21
Arunangshu Paul
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