Saturday, 9 July 2011

Death in the family

Feeling somewhat sad,overwhelmed and introspective after receiving the
news of Dida's death in the morning.

How old was she? Maybe 98? No records are there. But she must have
been about 12-15 years older than my father. Actually,she was his
stepmother but we never knew it till we grew up. For all practical, impractical,external or internal reasons, nobody bothered about this and I always received her love.

Today I started the morning on a positive note after being assured by
the ENT specialist that the throat problem was not as bad as was being
thought of. Felt like having breakfast out of home. So went out to
Navratna and ordered a Dosa to start with. Immediately afterwards,
Bappa called me with the news of Dida's death.
I have not seen her for many days . After November 2004 , Father's
shradh to be exact. I never went back to Karandih after that day. So
what I am feeling now is a mixture of regret,remembrance and also some
obstinacy. A part of me wants to go there immediately but another part
says it is futile now to reopen old pages of the story.
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